Steve Harvey Warnings ABC Bosses About Being ‘Politically Correct”


Steve HarveyABC has found a treasure trove in the comic. The comic helped to bring back ABC. Family Feud to prominence, but he’s increasingly earning scrutiny for Humor that is politically incorrect. According to him, ABC is encouraging him to change.

Meet The Judge

Harvey is an extremely busy man. Nearly anyone would be embarrassed to see his IMDB page. Between the occasional mini-series or documentaries, he’s hosting Family Feud, Celebrity Family FeudThe brand new ABC series, as well as the original. Judge Steve Harvey. Obviously, ABC wouldn’t give him so much work if he didn’t reign in viewers.

Bosses Aren’t Happy

Another ABC series: Jimmy Kimmel LiveHarvey spoke about everything, from COVID-19 to Bob Saget’s death. Harvey eventually moved on to his new legal series. You can act like a lady, but think like a man.The author spoke out about his new series. When asked why he created the series, author replied: he’s not wearing a robe, Harvey says “everyone in here knows I ain’t no damn judge.” He doesn’t want to do a disservice to the profession.

The cases on the show are real, and Harvey’s decisions are binding. He shared a story about his struggle to get along with the ABC brass because of his humor. In a clip, Harvey is seen taking a photo with the plaintiff because, in his words, he’s one of the “stupidest people I’ve ever met.”

The bosses at ABC weren’t happy about this. Harvey was pulled aside and they said.“Steve, it’s not politically correct to call anybody stupid.”He replied, “well, what is he?” You take your wife to court on TV and that’s not stupid?” He summarized, “we were having a bit of a struggle over the political correctness.”

It’s not the first complaint

Harvey has been criticized before for being too politically correct. 2020 will see the inauguration of the National EnquirerHarvey may lose his job due to record-breaking FCC complaints. Harvey played the confused straight man on his own game-show. It’s the contestantsHarvey would be fired if he was crass. Nevertheless, Family FeudThere were far more complaints than they had originally thought. Wheel of Fortune.

Whatever you think of Harvey’s comedy, there’s no denying his success. Harvey, a former college flunkie, went from being a carpet cleaner into a millionaire and is now worth an estimated $200 million. When someone can earn that kind of money, it’s easy to see why ABC would allow him to call a man stupid.

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