Steve Harvey’s Wife Allegedly Ordered Him To Stop Flirting With An Actress, Latest Gossip Says


It is Steve HarveyDo you get too close to a young actress? Sources say Harvey’s wife, Marjorie, isn’t happy about her husband’s new crush. Here’s what we know about this shocking love triangle.

Steve Harvey Worries about His Wife ‘Icky Flirt-Fest’?

The latest edition National Enquirer reports Marjorie Harvey is sick of Steve’s “unbridled gushing”Jennifer Hudson, a new talk show host, is a favorite. Harvey has been a vocal supporter of Hudson’s new talk show since it was announced, and sources say it’s started to wear on his marriage. “Marjorie is fuming,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “Trouble is, Steve has long had a crush on Jennifer and he never knows when to stop talking.”

You can find the source here: “He might think the world of Jennifer and rave about how talented she is, how beautiful and strong she is [but] it’s enough to make Marjorie sick to her stomach.” The tipster adds that Steve Harvey’s newfound style and success have made him “a little full of himself.” And now, he’s toeing the line between innocent flirting and something more with Hudson. “Bottom line is Marjorie is not going to put up with Steve flirting with other women and making a spectacle of himself,”The tipster explains. She’s put him on alert to shape up—or else!”

Steve Harvey Crushing On Jennifer Hudson?

This story is completely ridiculous. This entire report is based on a single interview of Steve Harvey’s where he offered his thoughts on Hudson’s new show. “I like Jennifer Hudson. I think especially at her space now, with all she knows now—she’s been a celebrity. She’s a mom. She’s been in relationships,”Harvey stated. “You’ve gotta have all of that stuff under your belt because when you’re talking to guests, you’ve gotta be able to relate. So I think Jennifer Hudson would be great.”

From what we can tell, Steve’s comments were extremely kind and professional. His sentiments were at best a far cry of the “flirt-fest”This is what the outlet says. This story is disrespectful for Harvey and his wife. Until any real evidence of Steve Harvey’s alleged inappropriate behavior surfaces, it’s safe to say this report was just mindless gossip.

The Magazine On Steve Harvey

The National Enquirer won’t give the Harveys a break. For years, the outlet has harassed Harvey with baseless rumors. Back in 2019, the magazine published an all-too-familiar story about Steve Harvey’s wife getting jealous of his relationship with Kris Jenner. In 2020, the magazine reported that Steve was. “quitting Hollywood”It’s a good thing. Steve was also criticized by the publication for his service. “fake justice”His show. The show is, of course, a success. Get in touch Steve Harvey is not his favorite.

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