Steven Gerrard confirms that Aston Villa’s ketchup ban is a ruthless rule.


Steven Gerrard is quick to impose his authroiry at Aston Villa boss. Ketchup was already banned soon after Antonio Conte chose the same approach.

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Steven Gerrard appointed Aston Villa manager

Steven Gerrard quit Rangers to take over Aston Villa’s management. The Liverpool legend is now focusing on finer details in order to bring his team back to winning ways.

Gerrard, who had won Rangers their 55th Scottish League title undefeated, left Glasgow this month in pursuit of a managerial career at the Premier League.

The controversial move has been criticized, but Gerrard will take charge of Villa as Brighton hosts on Saturday. Gerrard’s pre-match routine may be slightly different.

Gerrard, the latest manager to banketchup in an attempt for minimal gains whenever possible, is responsible.

Following his appointment, Villa boss David Villa has made no apologies and has banned ketchup from players’ diets in an effort to improve health and fitness.

Gerrard arrived at Villa Park to create a winning mindset. According to the boss, removing ketchup was one of the requirements. “It was banned before I had seen it!

“You must have the right mentality for your players. Do more than you think. They must strive to be elite.”

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Gerrard, the new Premier League manager, is now the second to ban condiments after Antonio Conte did so following his appointment at Tottenham. He also banned sugary juice, as he felt unhappy with some of the ‘overweight” players.

Some players are passionate about ketchup so it may not be the most popular choice. But managers, why do they go to such lengths to make it so delicious?

Numerous coaches have said that ketchup is bad for your fitness. Paulo Di Canio has also been vocal about this issue.

Despite this extreme measure becoming more popular, Rick Miller (a London-based clinical sports dietitian) has argued that ketchup really doesn’t matter.

Miller said: “Frankly, it’s one of the least problematic issues in a professional footballers’ diet. Allowing high-quality condiments can enhance the taste of blander foods and encourage healthier eating habits.”

Tim Sherwood, former Tottenham boss, also disagreed. He criticized Conte for implementing the ban and stated: “Well, don’t underestimate banning mayo and ketchup because they will all the sudden start passing and scoring lots of goals.”

“It’s normally the secret. No, what a load of nonsense.”

Conte’s methods are proving to be extremely successful. Six major trophies at Juventus and Chelsea, Inter and Inter show that he is doing something right.

Tottenham will be hoping Conte is the one who brings back silverware. Gerrard stated that Conte is aiming for European football with Villa.

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