Steven Spielberg Created ‘Animaniacs? Their connection, explained


Steven Spielberg is certainly behind many films. We are certain that no one else could do such a thing. Jaws. Saving Private Ryan?, and HookIn the same film festival. As a creator, it stands to reason that he would continue evolving, but would that evolution include Yakko Wakko and Dot. So, did Steven Spielberg create AnimaniacsWhat? It’s time to get out of the water tower.

Steven Spielberg was the one who created ‘Animaniacs.

Steven Spielberg did not create the cartoon characters that are so chaotic, they can cause havoc wherever you go. However, he did play a part in bringing them to life on the small screen. They were created and animated by Tom Ruegger. Ruegger is responsible for many of the most beloved cartoons of the 1990s such as Tiny Toon Adventures. Taz-Mania?, and Pinky and The Brain. He’s done so much, it’s almost as if he’s trying to take over the world — the animated world that is.

Pinky in 'Animaniacs'

Source: Hulu

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Tom Ruegger is from the Garden State. He speaks with My Central JerseyWe were surprised to learn a little secret from him about his cartoon characters. Tom believes that being able think like a child again has been the greatest help. “That’s the key to this whole thing because if I can’t tap into that childhood frame of mind, then I would absolutely get out of the business because the audience counts on us being able to do that because our audience is a group of kids.”

Interview withSyFyTom had these words to say about the original broadcast: “For five years my job was to laugh … I laughed while reading the scripts, I laughed during the recording sessions, and I was surrounded by the funniest people I will ever know.”Tom was also involved in the creation of the show, as he based the main characters on his three children.

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Source: Twitter / @ShrimpGummy

Unfortunately Tom is not a part of the AnimaniacsYou can stream the reboot on Hulu. While he was very disappointed to not be returning to the show that he loves, he’s happy that it will be available to a new generation. “I certainly want people to love Animaniacs and if this new show could increase the audience and love for Animaniacs, that would be great, because I love the show and I want it to succeed.”

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