Stewart Rhodes, Wife of Oath Keepers founder, Speaks Out: “Every Day Was Scary with Him”


Was Donald Trump’s late-night tweet a call to arms? The former president’s tweet called for the mass protest on Jan. 6, saying, “Be there. Will be wild.”

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers leader, mobilized his militia. Tasha Adams, Rhodes’ ex-wife, spoke out to Inside Edition and said that Rhodes was a fugitive. “obviously not mentally well.”

Adams says Rhodes’ goal was to “create a civil war, so that he could become a great leader.”

Rhodes established the Oath Keepers, a shadowy group that recruited up to 35,000 people in 2009.

They played an important role in the assault against the Capitol. A number of them were in full combat gear and were seen making a climb up the Capitol steps, a maneuver known for “The Stack.”

Adams claims that Adams believes her ex and other militia leader were in contact through intermediaries with the White House.

“They would keep it two, three people apart. There would be a chain of people that they would speak through,” Adams said.

She claims Rhodes, an ex-U.S. Army paratrooper, built a maze in tunnels under his Montana home to avoid being captured by the FBI.

“Those tunnels led out to a Forest Service road out behind the property, and he had unregistered cars waiting out there, so that if the feds came for him one day, he could run out the back into the tunnels,” Adams said.

“We lived like that for so long, it almost didn’t seem strange, honestly,”She went on.

After 26 years of marriage, Adams separated from Rhodes in 2018.

“Every day was scary with him,” Adams said.

Rhodes is currently in prison awaiting trial on charges of seditious conspiracy in connection to his alleged involvement in the insurrection. He has pleaded guilty.

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