Strange conspiracy theories regarding the longest day in the year at summer solstice


UFOs, violent deaths, conspiracies and conspiracy theories around the summer solstice seem to be quite common.

People who believe in strange conspiracies or bizarre, magical events are often haunted by the memories of spooky stone formations or deathly aliens.

The summer solstice occurs on June 21. Stonehenge, and related landmarks such as Stonehenge, have been part of these theories for some time.

Today, thousands will descend on Stonehenge, the British landmark. The sun will rise on the north-east side of the rock formation. Other celebrations will take place around the world.

Senior pagans can get mad at those who indulge in large orgies that are not in line with their religious beliefs. The Star heard last year from a real wizard that it was a magical day. “marks a celebration of fertility as kinky witches show off their ability.”

Summer solstice celebrations are not a conspiracy by aliens

Some still believe in magic and the positive effects of the sun on our lives. Others are more interested in the history behind some of these bizarre theories.

Here are some creepy conspiracies about June 21.

What is the end?

Scientists do not expect the end to the world on the summer solstice.

There are many theories about when the end will occur and people worry about nuclear war.

Some are concerned about Vladimir Putin’s mental health and the arsenal of nuclear weapons he has, but climate change poses a threat to us all, according experts.

Many people believed that the world would end on December 21, 2012, according to the Mayan calendar. This was thanks to the internet and blockbuster movies.

This didn’t happen, so people suggested that the end of the world would be on June 21, 2020.

This didn’t happen, shockingly. However, it would have made wild fantasies about massive tidal wave and volcanic eruptions come true.

While no credible scientist supports the idea that the world should have ended at these dates, our sources (a actual calendar) confirm this.

Who built Stonehenge?

Aliens did not build Stonehenge

Stonehenge wasn’t built by aliens, but rather by highly skilled people using stones and other tools.

Some people may find it strange that extraterrestrial intelligence, capable of building spaceships that can fly millions of kilometres to Earth, would leave a Wiltshire stone monument covered in moss. Half of the original stone monument has been destroyed.

It was built approximately 5,000 years ago. Many theories have been put forth about how it was constructed, including burial sites and a solar calendar.

Stonehenge is a popular spot for people to visit every year on the solstice to see the sunrise behind Stonehenge’s Heel Stone. “its first rays shine into the heart of Stonehenge”.

What is Midsummer and what does it mean?

Swedish football fans celebrate midsummer outside the Fisht Olympic stadium in Sochi on June 22, 2018
Sweden’s traditional midsummer celebration is still alive and well.

Midsummer refers to summer solstice celebrations in the middle of the year.

Sweden’s Midsummer Celebrations are a special one. According to the country’s website, Swedes are celebrating this holiday. “in a hurry to get things done during the relatively short summer season”.

It was said: “Midsummer Eve is usually celebrated in the countryside, which means that on the day before, everyone leaves town, everything closes and the city streets are suddenly spookily deserted.

“The country’s main thoroughfares, on the other hand, are normally packed. Queues stretch out into the distance as cars cram together, while family and friends sit in the middle of silver birches that are full of shimmering bloom.”

The 2019 film of the same name, may have a few people thinking the Swedes will be indulging in some strange sex acts and murder-suicide rituals over the coming days, but this is just pure fantasy.

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