Strange discovery: A wheelie bin from Hampshire appears in war-torn Ukraine


Mystery surrounds how a wheelie bin from Hampshire has somehow ended up in war-torn Ukraine – 1,200 miles away.

Philip Crowther from AP News, who was on the ground in the region, made the discovery.

He posted a video showing the grey bin and the writing Test Valley Borough Council underneath it. Wales Online reports.

He tweeted: “Hey @TestValleyBC, how did one of your wheelie bins make it all the way to Ukraine, and when is pick-up?”

And a very confused spokesman for the council replied: “Hi Philip, umm, hmm.

“I’ve checked the notebook, but we don’t seem to have a stock answer for this query…

“Can I ask where in Ukraine this is?

The bin ended up 1,200 miles from home - in Ukraine
The bin ended up 1,200 km from home – in Ukraine

“I’d just like to make sure this collection address is added to our fortnightly rounds and not reported as missed.”

Councillor Nick Adams King, Test Valley Borough Council’s waste and recycling portfolio holder, joined the mystery.

He said: “It’s good to see our bins are well travelled and to hear that it’s still of use for the border guard station between Ukraine and Poland.

“Residents have been able to buy our bins for a number of years now, and therefore in theory they can end up anywhere, even eastern Europe.

The journalist found it under a Ukraine sign on the border with Poland
The journalist discovered it beneath a Ukraine sign near the border to Poland

“While we’re not sure exactly how this one made its way there, it’s always interesting to see where they end up – even if collection does prove to be a bit of a challenge.

“I’m afraid I can’t promise we will be able to deliver a new blue bin and food caddy to accompany it when we roll the new recycling system out.”

Social media users labeled the finding as “bizarre”Some people took the opportunity complain to their local council about missing bins.

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