Stranger Things Season 2: Eleven Nearly Killed This Character


Stranger Things was nearly a whole lot stranger.

Their publishing series continues “crazy s–t that almost happened” online,The writers of the popular Netflix mystery show have revealed another alternate ending season two scenario—and this time, it involves Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). 

“Crazy s–t that almost happened #2,” the writers SubmittedFollow them on Twitter “In season 2, Eleven was going to mercy kill her mother.”

During the season, Eleven reunited with her long-lost mother Terry (Aimee Mullinas) who is in a catatonic state during season two, largely due to the electroshock therapy that Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) had administered after she attempted to rescue her daughter from the dangerous Hawkins Lab. Ultimately, after communicating with her telepathically and learning of the existence of additional lab siblings, Eleven leaves her in the care of her Aunt Becky (Amy Seimetz).

Eleven’s mother was spared, however. Stranger ThingsJoyce, another important character in writers’ lives, wasn’t as lucky.Winona RyderBob, a lovable boyfriend of ) (Sean Astin). He was eventually killed by a Demogorgon in season two’s penultimate episodes. Stranger Things writers recently shared that Will (Noah SchnappHe was almost killed by it.

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