Street cleaners found 10-foot Python in heap of rubbish


Shocked street cleaners discovered a 10 foot snake crawling through trash left behind by suspected fly-tippers.

On Monday morning, Grimsby council workers found the snake. It was believed to be an albino Burmese Python.

A spokesman for council stated that the unfortunate creature is believed to be a household pet, who has been killed and dumped.

North East Lincolnshire Council bosses have appealed to the owner of their scaly friend to come forward and pick it up.

John Munson, deputy street cleansing manager, said: “Our job is full of surprises, but this was a total shock for our team.

Council workers in Grimsby were left stunned after a dead albino Burmese python was found on Monday
Grimsby council workers were stunned to discover a dead albino Burmese Python on Monday

“You don’t turn up for work on a Monday morning expecting to find a massive snake dumped behind a hedge.

“None of us have plucked up the courage to fully unravel it, but it looks huge and weighs a fair bit.”

Burmese pythons rank among the biggest snakes in the world. Workers have reported that they felt the specimen they found. “very heavy”.

Baffled local councillor Ron Shepherd appealed to the python owner’s apparently missing sense of responsibility, and said: “We’re keen to speak to the snake’s owner so we can find out more about how it came to be fly-tipped in Grimsby.

“Someone must know where it came from. Everyone has a legal duty or duty to dispose of their waste correctly.

Burmese pythons are among the largest snakes in the world
Burmese pythons rank among the biggest snakes in the world.

It is not the only species of the snake to be found in Grimsby, as another six-foot-long snake was discovered by local council workers back in 2020.

A year later, a pair of puppies that had died were discarded onto the streets.

The small dogs were wrapped in aftershave boxes and found poorly hidden. They were then discarded at Ashby cum Fenby, just outside the town.

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