Student gobsmacked to find note left on car thanking her for saving a life


A student was blown away earlier this week after finding a note on her windshield thanking her for saving a person’s life after they were contemplating suicide.

Brooke Lacey, a political science student from New Zealand, spotted the letter and immediately thought she’d been landed with a fine or was being criticised by a fellow driver.

Having returned to her car from a coffee shop, Brooke grabbed it off the windscreen and drove away.

She opened it several hours later expecting a fee or negative words.

But, when the 22-year-old opened the handwritten note on a napkin she was shocked by the contents.

Brooke shared the note on Twitter
Brooke shared the note on Twitter

The note read: “Your sign saved my life today.

“I left my house with a plan and asked for a sign, any sign, I was doing the right thing when I saw your car in the parking lot. Thank you.”

The letter was referring to a bumper sticker that Brooke had attached to her car.

The sticker said: “Please don’t take your life today.

“The world is so much better with you in it, more than you realise, stay.”

Brooke shared a snap of the note on Twitter and explained that she’d made the bumper sticker herself some time ago.

Brooke stuck the message to her car
Brooke stuck the message to her car

She wrote: “[I] put one on my car and forgot about them, until now.

“I am so glad whoever you are chose to stay today. You never know who needs this reminder.”

Thousands of people liked and shared the Twitter post with many replying with heartfelt messages.

One person said: “How beautiful. The world needs more people like you.”

While another added: “So awesome. This has absolutely made my night. But more importantly, the person who left the note is alive tonight thanks to Brooke.”

Others said the post left them with “goosebumps”.

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