Students are criticized for wearing ‘highly offensive Islamic terrorist’ costumes to school


Students dressed as terrorists at school were slammed by Islamophobia.

To celebrate high school graduation, a group of teens armed with water guns wore traditional Islamic white clothing.

A fellow student from Gilroy Catholic College in Sydney, Australia, reported their look. It included a kaffiyeh headdress, sandals, and a kaffiyeh sandal.

Seven News reported that Year 12 students were invited to dress up, but six pupils chose the wrong outfit. Their headteacher apologized.

A student sent the media outlet a photo of his friends in banana costumes and the offenders. Mail OnlineReports

Gilroy Catholic College
The Principal of Gilroy Catholic College has offered an apology

He explained: “As a graduation celebration, a group of primarily Caucasian students dressed up as stereotyped Arabic men, complete with toy guns to portray ‘terrorists’.

“This is highly offensive for Middle Eastern people, communities, culture, and individuals.”

The incident was merely the latest example of ‘blatant Islamophobia’ seen in schools, the student added and noted it was damaging to Islamic and Middle Eastern communities.

Responding to the outfits, Principal Cheryl Merryweather insisted they do not reflect the college’s values, and admitted she should have told the “A small number of students” to get changed.

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Ms Merryweather told Seven News: “Gilroy Catholic College Castle Hill’s year 12 students were recently permitted to go to an end-of the-year picnic dressed up in fancy dresses.

“Unfortunately, a small group of students wore costumes with Arabic headdresses and robes and carried plastic water pistols.

“This is very unfortunate for the Gilroy community.

“The decision to dress this way showed very poor judgment. I also apologise for not directing the students to change out of these costumes.

“Gilroy College takes pride in welcoming people from all backgrounds and faiths. This incident was not in keeping with our College values. We are committed to improving the future.