Super Bowl Champion Retires from NFL after 16-Years of Service


After a 16-year tenure, a Super Bowl champion has retired from the NFL. Andrew Whitworth, Los Angeles Rams offensive player, will retire from the NFL on Tuesday. To announce his retirement, he went to Instagram. After playing 11 seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, the 40-year old spent five seasons with Rams. 

“I’m Andrew Whitworth of the Los Angeles Rams and I’m here to close the chapter on my NFL playing career,”Whitworth stated in the video. As transcribed by CBS Sports. “I have been playing this game all my life. My story was halted by frustrations at the Pro Bowl, losses without championships, and a record of 0-7 in post-season play. Even though I had a chance to win a Super Bowl, it was a loss. But that wasn’t the end. The pen was still in my hand. 

“As long we have the opportunity to create our own stories, and are fortunate enough to be able to live a full life, we can write them.” … Thanks to my teammates for sharing their passion for greatness, our friendship in the locker room and our brotherhood off-the-field. Thanks to all my coaches and support personnel who have been there for us. My family and friends are the reason I am able to do it. I love you.”

Whitworth concluded: “I am excited for the next chapter and can’t wait until I fall in love with football again. To the game of football, thank-you for all the highs and lows. They helped me to become who I am today. This is my chapter as a football player. My chapter as No. 77 football player has ended. But I cannot wait to see where my football story continues.” 

Whitworth was instrumental in the Rams winning the Super Bowl in February. He is now leaving the game with the top. In February, he was awarded the Walter Payton Man-of-the Year Award. It is the highest award in the league. In 2006, he was drafted by Bengals from LSU in the second round. Whitworth was chosen to the Pro Bowl three more times by the Bengals. He also made the All-Pro First Team in 2015, and the All-Pro 2nd Team in 2014. Whitworth signed in 2017 with the Rams and reached the All-Pro First team and Pro Bowl.