Supersized rescue dog with ‘XL body and XXXL head’ melts hearts online with unique features


An adorable rescue dog who has an “XL body and XXXL” received an outpouring of love online for its uniquely sized appearance.

Gus, a 95lb American Bulldog, had been shared to a Reddit page called “What’s Wrong With Your Dog ” where he can be seen resting his notably larger head on his foster dad in an adorable pooch snap.

The unique dog, who’s described as having an “XL body and XXXL head”, received a monumental outpouring of love after the snap gained over 26,000 votes.

According to Gus’s foster family, the big-headed pooch has been through a “battery of tests” which they believe is linked to a result of poor breeding.

Gus has a supersized head

As a former stray dog, little is known about Gus’s family history and his background with his foster owners confused about where Gus comes from and his age.

Despite Gus’s body weight falling in the average weight of what a male American bulldog dog should be – 75 and 100 lbs – his health complications have led to him having an “XXXL head”.

His foster parents said: “All of his weight is on the front half of his body,”

“So it looks as if he’s going to tip forwards. He looks as if he’s skipped leg day his entire life. We carefully monitor his weight to ensure his legs stay strong.”

The stray pooch is currently looking for his forever home

The foster parents who reside in Baltimore in America view Gus as a one-of-kind type of dog who has a heart of gold despite his physical differences.

They said: “He loves other dogs.”

“He met kids at an event and was super gentle with them, but he’s also not aware of his size, so I’d say older kids only who don’t mind having their feet stepped on.”

The adorable pooch has health complications as a result of ‘poor breeding’

Gus has received an influx of heartfelt messages online, with social media users gushing over his unique appearance.

One Reddit user penned: “Gus, you are perfect – the most adorable dog with such a baby face!”

Another added: “I just want to give him a big hug! he looks so playful.”

A third added: ‘How would you not want to adopt him?”

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