Superstar of ‘WWE Raw” Involved in “Bad Car Accident”


One notable WWE Superstar did NOT appear on WWE RawThis week, we just revealed the reason. Dana Brooke used Twitter to announce She was in a “bad car accident” Last week. She thanked her fans and promised to return soon. 

“Much [love] to the [WWE Universe] for the support & love, standing up for me!”Brooke wrote. “The reason why I was not on RAW last night was bc I got into a bad car accident the past week, I am doing good & will be back in no time! I really appreciate the love & couldn’t ask for better Fan support.”

Brooke has been involved in the 24/7 Championship storyline ever since November. Brooke is the current 24/7 Champion, and she has won the title six more times. Brooke was the first to introduce the 24/7 Championship in 2019. She has held the title for a total length of 201 days. This is second only to R-Truth, who held it for 425 consecutive days and 53 titles reigns. 

Brooke has been with WWE from 2013. Brooke began her WWE career in NXT, where she remained for three years. Brooke made her main-line debut in 2016, and has been involved with different feuds over the past six years. You can find out more about Brooke here. Interview with Sports Illustrated2019Brooke was asked what she would do to stand out in WWE. 

“You have to make the most of any time you are given, and any opportunity I’m given, whether it was as Charlotte Flair’s protégé, standing up against Ronda Rousey, being the statistician of Titus Worldwide, I want to show my range,”Brooke said. “I’m willing to embrace anything that is thrown my way. Coming into 2020 and transitioning onto SmackDown, it’s a fresh start for me.

“I signed a new 5-year contract with WWE. My goal is to establish my personal brand. I believe women empowerment is an important part of my career, and for WWE. Women can do the same things that male wrestlers did over the years and are now being allowed to do the same. It also means I have the chance to prove what I can do. I truly believe that 2020 will be the year that people see another side of me.