Suri Cruise Moving Out To Live With Tom Cruise?


When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split in 2012, many thought a primary reason for the divorce was that Holmes didn’t want their daughter, Suri Cruise, involved in Scientology. A year ago, one magazine claimed Suri Cruise had had enough of Holmes and ran away to live with Tom instead.

Suri Cruise Goes Missing

A year ago, the headline for a Woman’s Day story read “Suri Goes Missing!” Suri Cruise was over her mom’s relationship with chef Emilio Vitolo. An insider noted that Cruise and Holmes used to go “out together almost daily,” but things had changed since Vitolo came into the picture. “Suri probably can’t stomach the sight of them kissing on every street corner,” a source leaked.

According to the magazine, Cruise planned on taking matters into her own hands and was going to live with her father, Tom Cruise, instead. The insider said Cruise had “a fascination with her father” and that she “could find her way down there,” referring to Tom Cruise’s residence in Florida. Tom was allegedly quite excited about his daughter moving in with him because he never got over “how Katie managed to take his daughter away.” Friends of Holmes were concerned, however. One of Holmes’s pals said they hoped “she’s not missing key signs in her child while he’s swept up in a whirlwind of lust.”

Did Suri Cruise Run Away?

Not a single part of this Woman’s Day narrative was true a year ago. The entire premise of the article was disorganized from the start. First, the tabloid said Suri Cruise had gone “missing,” but what the story was really about was that she was fed up with her mother’s new beau.

Not only was the title misleading, but the information was also completely bogus. At the time, it was pretty obvious Holmes and Cruise were very close and were spotted in New York City just a few weeks before the article came out. Also, Tom Cruise was filming a Mission: Impossible movie in London, so Suri wouldn’t have a reason to go to Florida. Suri never was missing, despite what the magazine tried to report.

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