Surprise Appearance in Bachelor in Paradise Premiere


“When you’re in the moment and you only have a leaf on, it’s nerve-wracking,” Jacob explained. “Because this leaf could easily turn into a full-blown tree.”

Jacob and Shanae were able to get along almost immediately. 

The season’s first date card was sent to Andrew SpencerKatie’s season has also included a who invited Teddi WrightClayton’s season also featured a one-on-1 dating session. Although they had a fun, though awkward, conversation over dinner it eventually led to them sharing a kiss in a hot tub designed to look like an margarita. Ah, true love.

Genevieve and Justin had another go at it, post-narwhal. Genevieve informed Justin that he didn’t seem interested in her. To which he replied. “Do actions speak louder than words,”She began to kiss him. They spent the night together, even a late-night hot tub make out session. However, their hot tub wasn’t shaped like an alcoholic drink. 

However, the most dramatic moments of the premiere were saved. Romeo AlexanderMichelle’s season and Kira MengistuAnd Jill ChinBoth were taken from Clayton’s seasons. After Kira continuously tried intervening whenever Romeo and Jill had time alone, Romeo eventually pleaded with Kira, “If you can let me pursue Jill in peace, that would be great.”

Kira was reluctant to agree, but Jill and Kira still had issues to resolve, so they decided to have one-on-one conversations on the beach.

“First of all, what is your f–king problem with me?”Kira initiated the conversation immediately. “Why are you avoiding me every single time I come up to you? Have I done anything to you?”

Jill answered, “You’re interrupting Romeo and I. It’s intentional and I know it.” But Kira wasn’t having it, as the health professional said she was being “gaslit”Jill was, allegedly, “slut shaming” her. 

Jill was so frustrated, she finally let out a scream. “What’s going on? You’re a physician!”

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