Susan Sarandon Supposedly Reconnecting with a Famous Ex. This sparks romance rumors and unreliable source statements


Susan SarandonAlthough she’s been single for many years now, there are rumors that this may be changing. According to one tabloid, Sarandon may be giving her ex a second chance. Here’s what we know about the potential romance.

Susan Sarandon ‘Heads For Another Home Run’?

This week, National Enquirer Reports say that Susan Sarandon’s and Tim Robbins have reopened their famous romance thirteen years after they split. Apparently, the two never left each other’s lives completely since they continued to co-parent their two sons, but things are heating up now that Sarandon and Robbins are finally single again. “There’s something heart-warming about them when they’re together and there’s still some magic, maybe enough to take another stab at being a couple,”Insider recipes

“Susan and Time have been single for a while and friends think a reunion is in the cards,”The tipster also adds. “They’re cute together and so loving and natural, and seeing them do Sunday dinners is special. Some say they get along better than when they were a couple! Time will do that to you,”The snitch says. “Susan’s not the spitfire she was but she’s still exciting and a knockout at 75. Tim’s just looking for someone he can talk serious issues with, and Susan’s still up for that.”

Is Susan Sarandon Still Dating?

We don’t know where the tabloid got this story. First, let’s not forget that this tabloid claims to be a “newspaper”. “insider” had any credibility at all, they wouldn’t be talking to this outlet. Instead, the tipster would tell their story where it would be taken seriously. But it doesn’t look like any other credible outlet has picked this story up, so we aren’t quite taking this source at their word.

Besides, Sarandon has made it pretty clear that her and Robbins’ romance fizzled out a long time ago. In 2010, Sarandon hintTo The Telegraph Robbins was her first love after she had her sons. “You bring people into your life at certain times. Maybe you have a relationship to have children and you realize that it’s fulfilled after that point,”The Thelma & LouiseActress remarked.

In 2021, he will make an appearance on the “Divorce, Not Dead” podcast, Sarandon explains how to be a parent. their sons took the romance out of her and Robbins’ relationship. “He was very jealous, really jealous of the boys,”Sarandon stated. “Part of it was because he didn’t have a close relationship with his mom. He saw [the closeness between the boys and I and] that drove him crazy. He was jealous. Definitely.” And finally, Sarandon said she’s not actively seeking out any romance. “I’m kind of getting off on being by myself,”She agreed.

At least to us, it doesn’t sound like Sarandon would have much interest in rekindling anything with Robbins. And while we can never say never, the tabloid’s reputation certainly speaks for itself.

The Tabloid on Famous Ex-Couples

You could continue reading any edition of this publication. Globe, you’d quickly find that accuracy isn’t its specialty. The publication reports that Jennifer Aniston was planning to rekindle their relationship. Back in 2020, the outlet reported Aniston was starving herself to get Pitt’s attention. Then, the GlobeIt was claimed that Pitt had forced Aniston to quit drinking to make it possible for them to be together. Evidently, the Globe isn’t the most reliable source when it comes to stories of famous exes rekindling their romance.