Suspicious Gossip Says: Prince Harry Supposedly Took a Secret Trip To Say “Final Farewell” To Queen


The Invictus games are on the way Prince HarryAnd Meghan MarkleTo see the United Kingdom, we made a pit stop. Queen Elizabeth. One source claims they did it to say a final goodbye. Gossip Cop investigates.

The Sussexes’ ‘Surprise Visit’To Queen

According to Us Weekly, Harry and Markle’s unannounced stopover was not a happy occasion. According to a source, the couple tried to keep it private. “they kept it a secret.” The couple only visited because of the state of Elizabeth’s health, the snitch explains, saying, “They went to see the queen because she’s been unwell since she caught COVID. She has long COVID symptoms, and the prognosis is uncertain.”

Markle and Harry wanted to make time for her, the insider reveals, which comes as a result of just how bad it’s gotten for the monarch: “Walking is just getting harder… so she canceled plans because she’s not in a place where she can move on her own.” Harry and Markle’s tearful reunion was treated as a “final goodbye,”The tipper concludes.

What’s Going On With Queen Elizabeth?

It is impossible to believe the logic behind this story. Harry and Meghan Markle’s visit to Queen Elizabeth is revealing on its own. It was not an easy decision, given how serious Harry Markle and Markle are about security. It was all secret, and nothing was leaked.

We don’t know much about the visit as it was secret. Harry stated It was a wonderful trip, and he was “just making sure she’s protected and got the right people around her.” Obviously, Elizabeth hasn’t said anything about the trip. He’s also Don’t close the doorIf his security concerns are addressed, he will be available for a second visit.

It’s no secret that Elizabeth is not in the best health, but that alone cannot justify this vulturous story. Hoda Kotb was told by Harry that she was incontinent. “great form,”Addition “Being with her, it was great…it was nice to see her, you know.” He took no doom or gloom tone.

Harry and Markle were fortunate to be able to make a visit to a loved one on their way to making a commitment. That’s all we can say for sure. It is dangerous and absurd to act as if it was the end. How can we trust these sources if no one knew anything about the visit after it took place? Harry is not corroborating this version of events, so we believe it’s not completely accurate.

Bad Track Record

Just a few weeks ago, this tabloid questioned if Prince William would ever be king because of Camilla Parker Bowles’s new title. This is pure hogwash. As this outlet reported earlier this month, Elizabeth isn’t feuding with Prince Charles.

Let’s not forget that in January these exact sources claimed Harry told Elizabeth he’d never return to the UK. Even though Harry is back for a short visit, it seems that this story was fabricated. If these sources were wrong then, there’s no way we can believe them now.

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