Suspicious Insider Says E! After Ryan Seacrest Departure, Network Supposedly In a Floundering Situation


E! Is E! struggling to remain relevant after losing several famous faces? One tabloid claims Ryan Seacrest‘s recent departure has sent the network spiraling. Here’Here’s what we know.

E! ‘Crying’ Without Ryan’?

This week, National Enquirer Reports claim that E! According to reports, the E! The article states that the network is looking at outsourcing its news staff. Access Hollywood. “Daily Pop and Nightly Pop are in so much trouble, they are going to be with the much more successful Access Hollywood, which airs on sister network NBC,” a tipster dishes. Before signing off, the source also notes that another big exit from the network hasn’t helped. “Another problem is E! lost Kim Kardashian,”The snitch is over.

E! Are You in Jeopardy After Exiting High-Profile Clients?

It seems that the magazine raised red flags about nothing after looking at the claims. Seacrest left the network in February. The viewership dropped by negligible. E!! is experiencing a steady decline in cable ratings. is no exception, their ratings haven’t dropped dramatically since Seacrest’s exit.

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But it’s no secret that the network is changing. It was inevitable that the channel would transition to a different generation at some point. After hosting for 14 years, Ryan Seacrest was fired by the Kardashians after hosting 20 seasons. E!’s Live from the Red Carpet. None of these developments surprised anyone. E! actually reacted to Seacrest’s announcement of his departure. A heartwarming statement was released:

“[Seacrest] has been instrumental in giving viewers a front-row seat to some of Hollywood’s biggest nights. We are extremely appreciative of his many contributions and he will always be part of the E! family.” So, we just aren’t seeing the panicked network that the magazine is describing in its article. Will Seacrest be missed by viewers? Absolutely. But does this really represent a crisis? It is not.

The Tabloid On Ryan Seacrest

It’s obvious that the National Enquirer Ryan Seacrest has won. The outlet claims that Seacrest panicked last year over an alleged “man boob nightmare.” Then the magazine claimed Seacrest’s fans were worried for his health after revealing his “extreme” diet. And more recently, the publication alleged Seacrest’s girlfriend was furious after his ex moved closer to him. It would be reckless to trust the Get in touch Seacrest is everywhere.

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