Suspicious Rumor Says Angelina Jolie Supposedly ‘Can’t Stand Up Straight,’ Apparently Sparking Health Fears


It is Angelina JolieAre you at risk of having severe mobility problems? One tabloid claims the actress’ diet is starting to cause some serious health problems. Here’s what we know about the Eternals actress’ health.

Angelina Jolie Facing ‘Hunchback Hell’?

This week, Globe reports Angelina Jolie is looking worse for wear. Sources were particularly concerned about Angelina Jolie’s posture, as she was photographed looking thin. “She’s never had great posture and now it’s worse—to the point where she can’t seem to stand up straight!” an insider warns. “There’s been a ton of concern she could be suffering from osteoporosis. She may not look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame just yet, but people around her worry that’s the direction she’s going!”

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The outlet reveals that Jolie’s weight has dropped to a shocking 95 pounds, and it’s mostly due to her diet. “The most she eats is a piece of fruit, veggie, or handfuls of nuts and water,”The tipster shares her secrets. Jolie is about to direct, write and produce a film. However, her circle of friends is worried about the effects stress could have on Jolie’s health. “Directing this film is a lot of pressure, and the ongoing war with Brad only adds to the stress,”The notes of the rat.

Is Angelina Jolie Okay?

This report is just ridiculous considering it’s all based on a photo of Angelina Jolie leaning over. That’s seriously all the evidence that the tabloid has for Jolie’s alleged “hunchback hell.”You can also judge from These are the other photos of Jolie taken on the same dayShe was only leaning forward momentarily. The rest of the photos show her standing straight like she normally does.

These diagnoses of malnutrition, osteoporosis, and poor posture are completely unfounded—and we’re absolutely certain that no friend of Jolie would ever dish her medical information to any tabloids. It would be a breach in trust to the greatest extent. They would likely go to Jolie with any concerns, not just a random newspaper that has a history of lying about Jolie. It’s clear from the magazine’s unrestrained speculation that it just wanted to make fun of Jolie for how she looks, and it didn’t have any real insight to share.

The Tabloid on Angelina Jolie

This is not the first time this has happened. Globe This story has been tried to sell. The magazine reported that Angelina Jolie was experiencing a midlife crisis late last year. Then the outlet reported Jolie’s children were staging an intervention for her. Jolie’s children were reported by the outlet as having arranged an intervention for her. “skin and bones” appearance. It’s obvious from these many false reports that the Globe doesn’t actually have a window into Jolie’s personal life.

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