SVU’ Ahead of 64th Birthday (Exclusive)


Ice-T is setting his sights on a healthier lifestyle as the rapper celebrates his 64th birthday Wednesday. Ahead of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star’s big day, he opened up to about the ways he keeps moving during long days on the set of the NBC show and how he’s helping fans to keep heart healthy and active as well.

“I have to be on the set every morning at 7 a.m., so I’m forced to get out of bed when I don’t want to,” Ice told PopCulture of getting his day started on the right note. “I’ve got a little training exercise routine I do every morning before I leave my house and then I repeat it when I get home from work.” Keeping “everything tuned up” like that, keeping his stress level down and eating everything in moderation has kept the actor and “Colors” rapper at the top of his game since he came to a realization about his own health. 

“I understand how important it is for people to start taking care of their health,” he said. “Up until you’re 40, you just think you’re invincible. You just say, ‘Oh, I can do whatever I want.’ And at 40, unfortunately, you sometimes start seeing some of your friends pass away just from neglect of their bodies.” Ice-T wouldn’t describe himself as a “big health guy,” but knows how important it is to find little habits that ultimately make for a big change in life.

(Photo: Cheerios)

Partnering with Cheerios’ very own Buzz Bee for the “Pour Your Heart Into It” workout series has been one way of doing that for his fans at home. “Now with Cheerios, you get to have something that helps you and it tastes good,” Ice told PopCulture. “It’s made from whole oats, it’s good for your heart.” While some people might think it’s “being soft” checking in on their health and visiting their doctor, Ice-T assured there’s “nothing soft” about “trying to stay healthy for your family, for your wife, for your kids and people that love you.”

Pick up a limited-edition happy heart shape box of Cheerios and scan the QR code on the back to have Coach Ice walk you through the four-minute walking, stretching, core strengthening and dance workouts on Pandora, and even get a Cheerios S’nack by S’well cereal bowl by following these instructions.