SVU’ Gets a Page from ‘Criminal Minds’ With Twisted Revelation in the Latest Episode


Law & Order: Special Victims UnitThe show’s 501st episode took a shockingly gross turn Thursday night. When the shocking discovery was made, the show borrowed some ideas from Criminal Minds. SVU has previously done episodes that focused on the deaths sex workers. “They’d Already Disappeared”This episode featured something we don’t see often on TV: mummified corpses.

The episode had the feeling of a standard episode SVUEpisode 1, beginning with Rollins, (Kelli Giddish), then the new Det. Joe Velasco (Octavio Pisano), was assigned to investigate the disappearance and capture of a sex worker. Soon the team found out that several other sex workers, who were very similar to the first victim, had been reported missing. Rollins (Alfred Richard Lewis), who was a young boy, warned them about what he saw while investigating. Velasco and Rollins also spoke to Velasco. “vampires”He was at the warehouse where he had seen those girls disappear.

(Photo: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Velasco and Rollins entered the warehouse, and were immediately confronted with an ominous stench. They made an unsettling discovery as they searched the warehouse. The mummified bodies were of missing girls. They were all dressed in clothes and sat at the dinner table. They also found the body belonging to the girl whose disappearance prompted this week’s episode. The medical examiner found organs missing from the bodies.

Fin (Mariska Hargitay), and Benson (Mariska Hargitay), initially thought that Country was their suspect. Country is a South Carolina man who had moved to New York and became friends with the missing sex workers. Benson realized that Country was not the killer. Fin and Velasco met Jamal outside the warehouse. He said that Country had been the murderer. “vampire”He was a white male. Fin and Benson also interviewed the mother, a Connecticut woman, whose body was found amongst the mummies. The son of the woman had an amazing memory and even remembered the license plate.

Rollins, Velasco and Velasco located Trace Lambert who agreed to go in for questioning. Benson followed his mother and asked Velasco for information while Fin and Rollins interviewed Lambert. Benson used Trace’s information to reveal his true feelings about women. Trace was a troubled boy who had an ex-girlfriend. His mother believed he was terrible with women. Benson then spoke highly of Trace, suggesting that he couldn’t have been the serial killer. Trace began slowly sharing his thoughts on the serial killer. Trace started sharing information about the killer that had not been made public. He knew the exact cause of death of the warehouse owner. Trace suddenly admitted that he had killed all the girls he found dead. 

“I killed them. All of them,”Trace said this as he threw an image of one of the women across Benson’s table. “You tell my mother that. You tell my mother what I did.” Benson nodded.

Later, Carisi spoke to Benson over the telephone that Trace had struck a deal. To avoid federal prosecutors, Carisi pleaded guilty for 12 homicides. Fin indicated that the FBI was continuing to investigate other missing persons, so Trace could face death. In the meantime, Fin said that the FBI was still investigating other missing persons so Trace could face the death penalty. SVUAirs Thursdays at 9 PM ET on NBC. ET on NBC.