T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s Romantic Stroll photos elicit some hilarious reactions


T.J. Holmes, Amy Robach, and T.J. Holmes were spotted together on Thursday while out on a date in New York City. Following a public lunch date, they were photographed smiling at each others while walking arm in arm. Page Six. Many believe this is a shift for the once private couple.

In the two weeks since their affair was exposed, Holmes and Robach became a national news story. They are believed to have been secretly dating while they pursue divorce from their respective spouses. This leaves room for viewers and viewers to draw all sorts of inferences based on their on-screen chemistry. Robach and Holmes were removed from the air two weeks ago. This photograph, taken on Thursday, was their first sighting together.

Many commenters find Holmes and Robach’s openness amusing. They see it as a sign they are in love and can’t hide it any longer. Others feel this is a disrespectful act towards their spouses, and possibly others.

Although it is obvious that there is a lot of projection going on with this story, the commentary is still fascinating. Here are some top reactions to Robach’s latest public appearance by Holmes.

No More Secrets

These photos show that Robach and Holmes didn’t hesitate to share their love for each other now. Some fans applauded Robach and Holmes for seeing the silver lining in spite of all the controversy.



Many fans laughed that Robach and Holmes could star in a wholesome holiday advertisement together.


They are my happiness

Many fans are happy for Robach & Holmes, even though the scandalous nature is now out. Fans are convinced that their on-screen chemistry makes them seem in love.



However, many fans were skeptical of the relationship’s longevity between Holmes and Robach. Many believe that their infidelity history makes them more likely repeat the behavior.



Many joked that Robach and Holmes’ story would soon be a dramatic documentary. Many even suggested cast members.



Commenters were puzzled by the story’s continued prominence and suggested that it was a matter jealousy. They speculated that viewers were jealous at the closeness Robach and Holmes shared.



Some fans speculated that Holmes or Robach might have done it deliberately to get rid of the whole thing. This is speculation.


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