Tabloid Claims Tom Hanks’ Rumored Health Fears Are Supposedly ‘Very Troubling’


It is Tom Hanks on death’s door? According to one rumor, his strange behavior raises eyebrows and may be due to his poor health. Here’s what we know.

‘Tom Hanks Sparking Concern’

Per Us WeeklyFans of Hanks are concerned about Hanks’ well-being following a viral video of him. He snapped at a group to share his thoughts. “back the f*** off” after they got in Rita Wilson’s face. A source says, “The footage of him shaking was very troubling.”Hanks has type 2 diabetes and is well-known for it.

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“There’s no denying he’s lost a substantial amount of weight in a short amount of time,”The source states. “Privately, the word is that he’s okay.”He said that he looked good during a recent visit to the newspaper. The Late Show with Stephen ColbertThe outlet suggested that he might have been having a bad day.

Don’t expect Hanks to apologize for his verbiage, a source concludes. “When someone invades his wife’s space, it’s crossing the line … there are no regrets about the way he handled it.”

Is Tom Hanks OK?

We’ve got whiplash over how quickly this story changed its narrative. One moment, Tom Hanks is deteriorating due to diabetes, and the next, he’s actually doing totally fine. Most bait-and switch stories would only have a few paragraphs between. But Hanks is fast losing weight and then becoming okay.

As Us WeeklyAccording to its own story, Hanks is fine. He was seen on the Late ShowHe showed no signs of any health problems. While he’s being He was criticized for his role in Colonel Tom Parker’s deathIn Elvis, he doesn’t seem any worse for wear.

Also, the tabloid fails to accurately depict what actually happened between Hanks’ and his fans. You can You can watch Hanks’ video here. Wilson nearly fell to the ground due to paparazzi and fans. Hanks was not pleased. Hanks’ rage is clearly justified by the outlet, even though it willfully misrepresents what happened.

Other tabloid missteps

Us Weekly isn’t the least reliable celebrity news source in the world, but you can do better. It often relies on tropes and not real news. This is the case again. Hanks joins Ryan Seacrest, ZacEfron, Tori Spelling in this club. Despite what some outlets would have you believe all these people are doing well.

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