Tabloid Gossip: Calista Flockhart allegedly fighting Harrison Ford over plane crashes, movie stunts


Is it? Calista FlockhartKeep your husband happy Harrison Ford in check? One rumor suggests she is limiting Ford’s stunt work and piloting in the name of his safety. Here’s what we know.

‘It’s Time To Swear Off Stunts!’

According to Woman’s Day, Ford’s penchant for dangerous hobbies is putting additional stress on his marriage. Ford has been flying ever since he got his pilot’s license in his 50s. “frightened the life out of his wife,”According to a source. He’s been involved in several incidents, including two crash landings.

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“Calista’s been begging him to cool his jets as he gets older, but Harrison is determined to keep flying,” a source reveals. The Ally McBealStar appears to be afraid that the series will feature animal stunts 1932Ford could face more fatalities

Ford is no stranger at on-set accidents. Ford injured his shoulder while filming Indiana Jones 5Last year, Disney was forced to postpone shooting for several weeks. An insider says, “The thought of him coming home battered and bruised again, especially at his age, has Calista at the end of her tether.”

Is Harrison Ford In Danger?

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that prove the most revealing. The outlet says Calista Flockhart has feared for Harrison Ford’s safety ever since he got his pilot license. Ford and Flockhart didn’t meet until the 2002 Golden Globe Awards. Ford already had his pilot’s license for It was years ago at that pointHelicopter rescue of a Wyoming hiker. Flockhart could not have grown concerned over Ford’s flying as this outlet says because he’s been piloting a lot longer than he’s been with her.

Although flying a plane and filming action films can be dangerous, this is not a true story. If Ford was really too old to fly, then he would have lost his pilot’s license by now. The Federal Aviation Administration cleared Ford of any wrongdoing after a 2020 incident, and he’s Flying is still possible. As for the films, that’s what the army of doctors is paid for.

Most importantly, is it there? Woman’s DayHow did you get the information? One-hundred percent of this story relies on so-called sources divulging intimate details about Flockhart’s marriage. She hasn’t said a word about Ford’s dangerous hobbies, so this story is just making everything up. It’s natural for a spouse to be concerned for her partner, but there’s not enough hard evidence to justify this story.

The Tired Trope

Whenever tabloids bring up Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, they’re either going to prey on prey on Ford’s injuries or his age. Last year, OK!Flockhart claimed that Ford and Flockhart were planning to marry again in Wyoming to commemorate Ford’s survival from a plane accident. We disproved that story, as the two of them are very private and there was no evidence they had flown anywhere. To date, there has not been a second marriage.

As for Woman’s Day, it announced the two were on the rocks over Ford’s age. It was not clear why an age difference at 78 would be significant after it did not at 77. Flockhart and Ford, who are quite private people, seem as happy as ever. So this story is false.