Tabloid Reports that Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are ‘All But Banished from Royal Family’


You can have Princess BeatriceAnd Princess EugenieBeen all but exiled from royal life? According to one report, the 12th and 10th heirs respectively to the throne are now officially out of the royal affairs. Here’s what we know.

Extra Royals ‘Getting The Chop!’

According to Woman’s DayBeatrice, Eugenie and their royal duties will be extinguished as soon Queen Elizabeth dies. Elizabeth is apparently the only reason the sisters have remained included in royal life, but that’s all going to change once Prince Charles takes over and implements his plans to shrink the monarchy. “There’s a reason Beatrice is moving out of St. James’ Palace and into the countryside,”According to a source.

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Eugenie is also moving with her family to Portugal, apparently in preparation for the ax. According to an insider: “They know their days are numbered once Charles takes charge.”They will soon be gone, the outlet states.

Eugenie And Beatrice: Ex-Royals?

Eugenie, Beatrice and Beatrice are not officially royal. They get the benefits of royal life, mansions and taxpayer-funded weddings but don’t have to do much. It’s a pretty sweet gig, but it’s the exact kind of thing Charles is looking to crack down on.

While Eugenie and Beatrice are pretty well-liked, they don’t seem to be in Charles’ supposed plan to Reduce the size of the monarchy. Many high-ranking royals have renounced their duties over the years with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moving to the United States, and Prince Andrew making pedophilia allegations about the family.

However, Charles’ plan is just that: a plan. It’s not been carried out into action, nor is there any way of knowing what he’ll actually do when he sits on the throne. Some rumors even suggest he’ll hand the realm immediately over to Prince William. All members of the royal family will experience radical changes once Elizabeth is gone. All of the royals, including the princesses, will be affected. Woman’s DayWe will have to wait and see what the chips are.

They will not be banished, however, no matter what happens. If their father Andrew didn’t get banished, then there’s no way Eugenie and Beatrice will get banished just for existing as royals. Since the line of succession is controlled by Parliament, they’ll always be royalty just a few disasters away from the throne.

Other Royal Myths

This outlet was once busted for reporting that Beatrice was angry at Meghan Markle for speaking to Eugenie. Eugenie and the Sussexes are very close, so there’s nothing for Beatrice to be upset about. This outlet reported that Eugenie and Beatrice had a major fallout in May. This is evidently false, as it wasn’t mentioned in the banishment story.

Let’s not forget the tabloid that promised Prince Charles to banish Harry and Markle. Yet, they just returned for Platinum Jubilee. Woman’s Day clearly doesn’t have a clue what’s going on behind palace gates.

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