Tabloid Rumor Says Will Smith’s Apparently Burned Out Of Marriage To Jada Pinkett Over Costly Lifestyle


It isJada pinkett SmithDriving Will Are you crazy about her extravagant spending? According to one tabloid, the couple are at odds over their finances. Here’s what we know.

Jada pinkett Smith ‘Breaks The Bank’?

A recent issue of the National Enquirer According to some reports, Will Smith is beg his wife Jada pinkett to stop spending too much money. Sources claim that Smith anticipates a big dip in his earnings because studios won’t work with him after his Oscars gaffe. But, according to the tipster, Jada just won’t listen.

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“It’s not like they’re broke. They have money and investments, but they have a huge outlay and he doesn’t know what’s going to happen with him career-wise, given that his name is in the mud right now thanks to Slapgate,”Insider secrets “They are totally tied together financially, and people assume that’s why they aren’t divorced already. He wants to slow the spending, but she’s burning right through their cash to fund her vanity projects and all her other extravagances!”

According to the source, their financial lives are completely opposites. “She spends a fortune on her appearance, plus masseurs and trainers. She only goes to the most luxurious salons for her mani-pedis,”The snitch whispers. “Will gripes their food budget is through the roof and they need to economize and use coupons. Jada buts a lot of things she doesn’t need and that’s always been a thorn in his side.”

Will Smith ‘Can’t Stop Wife From Spending’?

This report showed a complete lack of knowledge about the Smiths’ finances. First of all, Will Smith’s acting prospects may be dropping like flies, but, According to his IMDB Page, he’s having no trouble producing. The King RichardAccording to reports, star has more than a dozen projects lined-up. Will is also a good example of the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a thousand cuts.” “any press is good press”Since sells of his memoir spiked following this year’s Oscars night.

And the same goes for Jada Pinkett Smith who’s likely bringing in even more viewers to her Red Table TalkAfter the awards show drama. So, we’re definitely side-eyeing the outlet’s claim about Will Smith’s “penny-pinching” efforts. While Will may be missing out on some opportunities, we’re sure he hasn’t resorted to couponing just to afford Jada’s trips to the nail salon.

The Smith Family Magazine

The other thing is that the National Enquirer is the last place we’d go for updates on the Smith family. The outlet said last year that Will was headed for a $270 million divorce. The magazine then reported Jada threatened to divorce Will by forcing him to attend therapy. And the publication once alleged Will was actually jealous of Jada’s “flirtation”Chris Rock. The outlet also claimed that Jada was being resold. “flirting with hunky guys”Will envy you. The result is obvious. Inquire doesn’t have any insight to offer about Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith.