Tabloid Says Kylie Jenner’s Supposedly Furious Over Kim Kardashian ‘Betrayal,’Apparently, they are threatening to quit ‘The Kardashians’


It is Kylie JennerFight with Kim Kardashian? One tabloid claims that sisters are at each other’s throats. Here’s what we know about the fashion moguls’ alleged feud.

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner ‘Billionaires At War’?

This week StarAccording to reports, things are very stressful at the Kardashian-Jenner home right now. According to the article Kylie Jenner was upset when she learned Kim Kardashian was alive She was launching her own skincare lineJenner was the one who did it years ago. “They can hardly stand to be in the same room,”Insider recipes And then, when Jenner came under fire for selling cheaply-made swimsuits, fans couldn’t help but compare the clothing to Kardashian’s luxe SKIMS line.

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“Kim felt totally vindicated because she genuinely puts in the work, while she says Kylie’s a lazy brat with no work ethic,”The snitch whispers. “It burns Kim because none of Kylie’s success would have been possible without her.”Sources claim Jenner begged Jenner to keep their feud from the cameras. “Kylie’s threatened to quit if they make it a storyline [on The Kardashians].”

Is Kylie Jenner in a fight with Kim Karadshian

This report is completely absurd. First of all Kylie Jenner is far from the first celebrity woman to launch skincare lines. In fact, Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez were among the first to launch a skincare line in 2021. All of us decided to enter the beauty industry.. It’s now almost a given that when a celebrity reaches a certain level of fame, they launch a beauty brand. Honestly, Kardashian’s SKKN seems long overdue for the height of her influence.

There is absolutely no reason for us to believe Kardashian or Jenner are in a feud. In a photo taken earlier in the month, we can see that the sisters were cozy up.

And isn’t it just a bit too convenient that Jenner supposedly doesn’t want her and Kardashian’s drama to make it to air? Few topics have been off-limits over the years for the famous family’s reality shows. If Kardashian and Jenner got into an argument, it is most likely that we’d hear about it. The Kardashians. And since we haven’t heard a peep about the sisters’ alleged feud, we’re guessing this story wasn’t genuine at all.

The Tabloids About The Kardashian-Jenner Family

This is far from the first time we’ve busted a tabloid for inventing a Kardashian-Jenner feud. Last year, Heat Kourtney Kardashian was reported to be furious with Kim after she learned her history with Travis Barker. Then TouchCaitlyn Jenner claimed she was “bitter” about the Kardashians’ betrayal. Then, there was the recent betrayal of the Kardashians. GlobeKourtney claimed Kris Jenner was angry at her for trying to get a spin-off deal. Obviously, fans shouldn’t believe any stories of in-fighting within the Kardashian-Jenner family that aren’t coming from their own TV shows.