Taco Bell Makes Big Announcement About Nacho Fries


Taco Bell is officially bringing back Nacho Fries! Mexican-inspired fast food chain Taco Bell announced Tuesday morning that Nacho Fries will be back on the Taco Bell menu. The beloved Mexican-style dish is available in many ways. “dip into the nacho cheesy goodness.”

Nacho Fries is a fan favorite menu item. It features perfectly golden fries coated with bold Mexican seasoning. The Taco Bell first introduced the dish in January 2018, making it a fan favorite and the largest ever debut for the fast-food chain. Taco Bell pulled the delicious treat from their menu. This caused a lot of outrage and eventually they brought them back. Taco Bell now brings Nacho Fries back once in a while. Nacho Fries will return to Taco Bell on Thursday, February 10, but Taco Bell Rewards members get access to Nacho Fries as soon as possible starting Tuesday, March 8.

(Photo: Taco Bell)

Taco Bell has yet to release a trailer, so Nacho Fries won’t be returning. This time around, Taco Bell’s Live Más productions has added “Fry Again”To the franchise. The faux-movie trailer this year marks the first time Taco Bell’s production company has collaborated with the fast-food chain to create the storyline. Taco Bell had invited fans to submit story ideas in a virtual writers room. What did you get? The result? A time loop story about an innocent girl who keeps repeating the same day over and again so she can enjoy her Nacho Fries.

“We’ve explored tons of genres for Nacho Fries over the years, but this may be my favorite yet
because it gave our most loyal fans a front row seat to co-create one of our biggest fan led
campaigns ever,”Tracee Larocca is Head of Brand Creative. “With the bar set this high, who knows where we’ll take Nacho Fries next.”

Nacho Fries will return to the menu along with some amazing deals. Rewards members can get free Nacho Fries a la carte from Thursday, March 24 to Saturday, March 26 with a $1 minimum order. From Sunday, March 27 through April 13, Taco Bell and GrubHub will partner to offer free fries for orders below $15. Taco Bell restaurants across the country will be offering Nacho Fries starting Thursday. Rewards members have early access, beginning today.

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