Take A Look At Goldie Hawn’s Beautiful Tribute To Olivia Newton-John


People from all walks of the globe remember. Olivia Newton-JohnIn the days that followed her death, people grew to love her music and movies. Goldie Hawn has paid tribute recently to her friend by sharing a video with Newton-John and some other stars as well as a sweet message about the singer’s importance to her. 

Hawn’s Tribute To Newton-John: ‘Olivia’s Light Will Continue To Shine’

“A light landed on this planet 73 years ago,”She wrote. “Her voice brought us to such joyous heights, nothing held her back, nothing. Her mind was strong and heroic. Olivia’s light will continue to shine and will never flicker. Never. Rest sweetheart. Rest peacefully, you are Love.”

The video was from the 1990 benefit for Mothers and Others For a Livable Planet, and showed Hawn, Newton-John, Meryl Streep, Bette Midler, and Cher singing Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World.”The event was titled An Evening With Friends of the Environment, featured appearances by stars such as Robin Williams, Lily Tomlin, and Demi Moor. 

Fan Reactions ‘I’ve Read So Many Tributes…But This One Made Me Cry’

Fans and friends loved the video and Hawn’s message of love. Nancy Meyers, writer and director. “Goldie this is too beautiful. You, her… all of you.”One fan commented, “I’ve read so many tributes to ONJ but this one made me cry. Such a beautiful soul and shining light.”

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“Wow, so many beautiful souls and sounds there,”Another fan wrote. “Rest easy in Xanadu dear Olivia.”Another comment was made “WOW goosebumps. This is so, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Rip beautiful soul Olivia.”

Newton-John’s Commitment To Finding A Cure

Newton-John died earlier this week, after having been battling breast cancer for many years. She was 73. The singer spent her whole life working to find a cure, fundraising money, and founding the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre and the Olivia Newton-John Research Institute. Former co-stars and close friends, like Hawn, have become fans. Grease, XanaduMillions around the globe will remember Newton-John and her music fondly. 

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