Take a look at Netflix’s new series Roaring Twenties


This is the essence of it Real World for a whole new world.

An exclusive first teaser for Netflix’s new docuseries, The Roaring TwentiesThis video shows eight 20-somethings living together in Austin, Texas. Before you think that this is just another “hook-up reality” show, pause the remote.

These young adults have joined the “goal of stepping out of their comfort zone,”A 25-year-old friend of mine says so Abbey. Together, they have found success in their love and in life. They also learned how to navigate the world. “new normal”2020s America

IT professional 25 years old Raquel even shares, “This experience is about to help me grow my wings.” The growing pains in a modern pandemic landscape are not always bearable, but the good vibes in the new footage below have us rooting for Abby, Raquel and the rest of the housemates, which include Bruce, an insurance salesman; NatalieWho is it? Abbey’s job search is like Abbey’s. Kamari, Model Keauno, Residence coordinator Isha, fashion designer and Michael, an aspiring comedian.