Take a look at these 10 Bracket-Bucketed Memes to Reduce the Pain


Let the madness begin!

March Madness is on the verge of destroying everyone’s brackets, and it was March 17th. It was not only No. 5 seed Iowa lost out to No. 12 seed Richmond lost to No. 2 seed Kentucky Wildcats. 15 seed Saint Peter’s Peacocks match.

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The match went to overtime. The Peacocks won and eliminated the Wildcats (favored winners) in the first round. Legend has it that you can still hear millions of broken brackets crashing to the ground.

These memes will help you to feel less miserable if you are like us and don’t have a chance of winning the March Madness pool.

A basketball aims for the hoop.

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We have never had the chance.

Millions of us have never been able to win, from Iowa to Kentucky. Ugh — what a shame.

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You are not the only one who chose Kentucky to win it.

After that Kentucky upset, we were full of rage — how could this No. We were enraged after the Kentucky upset. How could this No.2 seed, who had been the favorite to win the tournament play like garbage in the first round? We’re not mad. We’re just disappointed.

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Ugh — just get it out of our sights.

We could hear millions of busted brackets being ripped apart after the shocking defeats on Day 1 March Madness. We were forced to join the fun after Kentucky’s defeat.

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That’s how you avoid getting your bracket broken on Day 1.

Clearly, this individual is onto something — should we consider skipping out of March Madness next year to avoid the inevitable heartbreak? We’ll be thinking about it.

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Anyone with a busted bracket right now is the Riddler.

We can relate to the Riddler, even though he is a very scary man. We had our brackets set, and things are not going according to plan!

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Here’s a live view of the Kentucky brackets

Like Edge did to Randy Orton in WWE, we’re throwing out our brackets without a care in this world. So what’s the harm?

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Are you ready for a busted bracket? This is so disappointing.

Yikes! This person clearly had one of the worst first days of March Madness ever; not only did Iowa lose and bust their bracket, but they had to order pizza for someone else — talk about a tragedy.

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That’s definitely *not* awesome, baby.

Poor Dickie VHis bracket, like ours, is already busted. That’s evident. Not awesome, baby.

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It was impossible to imagine that we would ever see a wildcat be defeated by a peacock. Yet, here we are.

Tyra Banks once stated, “I was rooting for you; we were all rooting for you. How dare you?” Once again, thanks again for nothing, Kentucky — you truly ruined our 2022 March Madness experience.

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It’s March Madness, for sure!

Our brackets are not taken seriously by the NCAA or March Madness tournaments. We hope that even though we are out of contention, we will see more underdogs continue their Cinderella tales!

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