Tamar Braxton Talks About Her Mental Health in “The Surreal Life” House (Exclusive).


Tamar Braxton was very grateful for her. The Surreal LifeAs she celebrated the anniversary of her suicide attempt, her roommates were by her side. Braxton opened up to PopCulture.com to discuss her personal mental health journey. Surreal Life House “bonded” the cast – which also includes Dennis Rodman, Stormy Daniels, Frankie Muniz, CJ Perry, August Alsina, Kim Coles and Manny MUA.

Braxton went to film The Surreal Life Shortly after returning from a brief hospitalization, she spoke out about the July 16, 2020 incident. Perry was also at the airport and he grabbed a copy from a magazine. Perry quickly got her story. “I think the magazine was on the bed, and [Perry] was like, ‘What’s that?'”PopCulture was informed by Braxton. “…I was like, ‘Read the article and then we’ll have a discussion about it.'”

It is important to have a “nonjudgemental”A group of people around her were invited to share their own mental health journeys. “beautiful thing,”The Braxton Family Values star explained. “Just to come into a situation where you’re not judged, but [with] somebody who can identify, ‘Wow, I’ve been there before. My story is not your story, but I also too have had mental struggles,'”She went on. “So that kind of really truly opened the door for everyone in the house to talk about where they were mentally, which was a beautiful thing. So we all really truly bonded over that.”

Perry called Braxton’s journey “Baxton’s Journey”. “very inspiring”her belongings to the rest of our house “a lot of awareness”She was experiencing mental distress and realized the importance of mental well-being. “panic attacks”The house. “I’m so, so grateful for it. And it’s very, very inspiring and I’m so glad I had her as a roommate, truly,”PopCulture shared the WWE Superstar’s story. 

Braxton was also in agreement. “CJ was an amazing roommate because she brought light to everything, even when you felt like it was very heavy,”Joking about some of her celebrity roomies “There were definitely some people in the house that you could tell did not live with other people before. And probably should never live with other people ever again.” The Surreal Life Starts Monday, October 24th at 9 p.m. With back-to-back episodes of VH1.

For help with crisis situations, text or call 988 for the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. The old Lifeline phone number (1 800 273-8255) will still be available.

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