Tan France plans to celebrate his first holiday season as a dad


Tan France becomes a U.S. Citizen. Excited to vote

With the holidays approaching, Tan FranceYou can’t help feeling the magic.

After having his first child via surrogate and marrying, Rob FranceIn July, the Queer Eye star is preparing to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year as a father for the very first time. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he is feeling happy and joyful.

“The holidays are always lovely, but the holidays really are for the kids,”Exclusively shared by E! News. “With him being so young, he won’t know what’s going on. However, next year, I know that it will be so joyful seeing the glee on his face.”

The new dad continued. “The holidays, in my opinion, will be exponentially better now that we have a child. We always love to holiday. My husband and I have a fun time together, but a child makes it special.”

Tan got into the holiday spirit on Nov. 1 by quickly putting down the Halloween decorations and setting up the Christmas tree. Tan has already made plans to match his baby boy’s pajamas.