Tandem Bike Stolen From Grandma and Grandson With Special Needs


An Ohio grandmother is pleading with the public to help her locate a tandem bike that she says was stolen from her home that she uses with her grandson who has special needs, according to 13 ABC.

Janelle Wright says she and her grandson, Caleb Hooten, 12, ride the bike together all the time because the young man is afraid to ride on his own.

“He’s afraid of riding a bike on his own. So, I thought, ‘Well, I’ll try a tandem and have him behind me and see if he can do it.’ And dude, that was all it wrote. Ha ha! He was in love,” she told 13 ABC.

She bought the bike for her grandson during the height of coronavirus pandemic in 2020 for $400 from Walmart and they have taken to the streets of Toledo ever since.

She says that recently someone broke into her garage and stole the bike.

“Came out to get it day before yesterday and opened up the garage doors and it was gone,” she told 13 ABC. “I know how much he loves it. My heart broke at first and then I got mad.”

Now is asking anyone who has any information or has taken it to just bring it back.

She hopes to have it returned but told the news outlet that she already started saving for a new bike.

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