Tara Reid Allegedly Sparks Health Fears With ‘Skeletal’ Appearance Post-Date Paparazzi Photos, Gossip Claims


Should fans be worried about Tara Reid? One tabloid claims Reid’s weight has fallen to a dangerous 90 pounds. Let’s check in on the Big Lebowski star.

Tara Reid ‘Disappearing Before Our Eyes’?

The latest edition of the National Enquirer reports Tara Reid was a “shocking sight” in recent photos, and doctors warn she’s putting her health at serious risk. After a Valentine’s Day date with her boyfriend, Reid stepped out in a dress that exposed her “twiggy” legs. While critics have criticized the actress in the past for being so skinny, Reid has always maintained that it’s her fast metabolism that keeps her so thin.

But the tabloid’s “longevity expert,” who hasn’t treated Reid, disagrees. “To get that thin, she has to be severely limiting her calories,” the doctor observes. “Her lack of muscle and poor skin texture are signs of severe malnutrition… She needs to change her habits fast if she wants to save herself.”

Reid Reduced To ‘Skeletal Bag Of Bones’?

This certainly isn’t a new take for the tabloids. It seems every few months, an article pops up just to say, “By the way, Tara Reid is still skinny.” But the issue is that Reid’s looks haven’t changed drastically over the years. The actress has always been slim, and she insists she eats well. “I have a high metabolism. Anyone with a high metabolism understands it’s impossible to gain weight. All I do is eat,” Reid wrote the last time the public was up-in-arms over her weight.

She also echoed this same sentiment in an interview. “I think that when you’ve been a main attraction in the tabloids for so long, you go and finally say, ‘Look guys, this is who I am. I’m not 20 anymore, I’m 45,” she said. “I’m doing great, I’ve always been thin so these stories are kind of crazy because there’s nothing that’s changed.” And she’s right — the story is always the same, and it’s always just meant to shame Reid.

More Body-Shaming From The Tabloid

Tara Reid isn’t the only celebrity that the National Enquirer has shamed for being too skinny. Last year, the outlet claimed Celine Dion was planning her own funeral after dropping to “95 pounds.” Then the magazine reported Angelina Jolie was starving herself to get Brad Pitt’s attention. And more recently, the publication tried to again warn Jolie about her alleged dangerous weight loss.

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