Tara Reid Convicted Of Lying About Health, Melanie Griffith Appearance Sparks Fears, and More Gossip


The tabloids love to spin tales of doom and gloom, particularly when it involves a famous celebrity’s health. This week, the tabloids have published a total of 58 stories. Tara Reid, Melanie GriffithAnd Queen Elizabeth have all faced accusations from the tabloid that they’re secretly battling serious health woes.

This week, one outlet reports that Tara Reid, the famous petite actress, has been lying about her health and advised her to seek medical attention.

In another report, Melanie Griffith’s supposedly “worrying”This appearance led to fears that the 64 year-old actress was in a serious health crisis. 

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth’s recent health downturn has one tabloid insisting that the 95-year-old monarch has been ignoring signs of her failing health, which has the rest of the royal family on edge. 

Health problems are a common theme, whether it’s Hollywood royalty or actual royalty. We’ve done a dive into these rumors and can give our own special brand of insight about them.

Tara Reid is accused of lying, and she is urged to seek medical help

Tara Reid posted an Instagram photo recently showing herself in a bikini. Commenters quickly noted that it was Tara Reid. SharknadoStar appeared very thin. However, she quickly defended her self and claimed that star was very thin due to her high metabolism. “impossible”she should gain weight. The tipster advised the GlobeIn its most recent edition “She’s been this way for many years but at some point, Tara needs to stop deluding herself and figure out a way to bulk up,”With a so-called expert issuing a dire warning for the actress.  

Check out the video to see what it looks like “expert” had to say, as well as why some sources believed Reid wasn’t being entirely truthful, by clicking here.

Melanie Griffith’s Health Supposedly In Danger After Worrying Appearance

The same issue also contains the following: GlobeMelanie Griffith, the actress, was reported to have raised health concerns after her appearance with bruises on her hands. Griffith’s bruising was discovered by the outlet after Griffith was seen by a variety of medical experts. None of them had ever actually treated Griffith. 

What conditions could Griffith be suffering and why? “expert”She believed she may have had a “secret heart attack,”You can find this link. 

Queen Elizabeth Allegally Ignores Warning Signs of Failing Health, Worrying About The Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth’s recent health struggles have been well documented, including her back sprain last weekend that kept her from celebrating Remembrance Day alongside her son and grandson. Us Weekly reports that Queen Elizabeth, an aging monarch, refuses to admit that her reign is ending as her health problems continue. 

How the rest of Queen Elizabeth’s family is reacting, and why the queen is ignoring her problems, can be read here.

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