Tasha Fox and James Wallington Share What Viewers Didn’t See Before Elimination


On USA: The ChallengeAnother couple’s journey is over. James Wallington The Amazing RaceTasha Fox, from SurvivorAfter finishing in last place in the daily challenge, they were eliminated. They were unfortunately defeated in the elimination round. SurvivorDomenick Abbate of the University of California, Santa Cruz Love IslandCashay Proudfoot, a Cashay-based singer, was forced to leave and eventually returned home. PopCulture.com caught up with James and Tasha to learn more about their fans after they were eliminated. didn’tSee the latest episode. 

Tasha and James may have been exterminated USA: The ChallengeThey had nothing but positive things to share about their experience. They also provided more information on the drama surrounding the elimination. “third option”This was something that the house was discussing that viewers didn’t see. Tasha shared this information with James, who also gave an overview of the social dynamics of the house and how it was developing between the two shows. 

Declarations of Independence
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What more did Tasha & James have to say about their time together USA: The Challenge? Continue reading to learn all about their views on the competition. (This interview was edited and condensed to improve clarity.

PopCulture.com: We have a lot of ground to cover. I would like to know more about the circumstances that led to the elimination. James, there was some strife between you and Leo. I was curious to find out about your friendship status after the game.

James: Yeah, we did watch the episode together in LA last night. I was able go to his home. We laughed. It made me laugh more because it was so early for me to see it. ChallengePodcast and I was like “Leo, I am so worried.” He’s like, “It’s going be hilarious.” He had such a positive outlook on everything, but our friendship is still amazing. Our bond was strengthened by the experience.

PC: Tasha. I was curious to hear your perspective. In the first episode it almost seemed that there were a few a. Big BrotherSurvivor pseudo alliance there. So I would like to know: How did we get two Survivors in elimination? 

Tasha : Well, actually it was quieter as the relationship was still very strong between them SurvivorAnd Amazing Race. There were also subgroups that we tried to infiltrate. Big BrotherTo build relationships and get him to join the group, you need to make the tea. That was our original strategy. Once we got to the bottom, we knew it would likely be a difficult decision. SurvivorGoing against SurvivorOr Amazing RaceGoing against Amazing Race. We did not want to lose anybody from our show. In reality, we were actually sending David and Shannon to Angela and Kyland. It was just slowing down. We were focused on trying to save our numbers. However, in the end, we were against. Survivor. We tried another option.

PC: Was that what you meant? I believe I saw some tweets last night. There was talk of a third possibility. Is that Shannon and David?

Tasha, David and Shannon, yes.

James: Yeah. I did tweet that there was a third option. Then I put it out and people screenshotted it. It was being sent to Shannon. Shannon was like, “What’s the deal?” The episode has not been viewed yet. However, it was Shannon and David. Angela and Kyland gave it to Tasha. Yes. We were so excited when they mentioned their names to us that we thought, “Oh, this door might be opening where we can see a clear pathway where we don’t lose anyone on our side.”

Declarations of Independence
(Photo: Laura Barisonzi/Paramount)

PC: I was curious to know if you guys had to leave the game. However, I think there were many lessons you learned about yourself as competitors and people. What are some of the lessons you’ve learned about yourself from playing on the game? Challenge USA?

Tasha – I’d say for me since I played SurvivorAfter having been through the game twice, I have learned how to work within the game. I also know how to be an effective host on another show, and be able form relationships. My gift is relationships. What I have learned from them is so. ChallengeThis is how I can navigate relationships and use people to my advantage. I am confident in that ability. If I have the opportunity to play again, or perform on another show, I believe I can do it. ChallengeJust confirmed that I am adaptable enough to fit in any format, regardless of what it may be.

James: Yes, I share many of the same emotions as Tasha. I can think of many things about this experience. It was a great experience. Amazing RaceWhere I knew I could rely on my husband when I was in trouble. That kind of support was invaluable and I had to find my inner strength to overcome the challenges I faced. I had to be strong and confident in myself. It was a reminder that I can take on any challenge no matter how difficult it may seem. I felt that it gave me back my confidence. That would have been another thing I would have learned by walking away. The Challenge.

PC: Tasha. It’s been a while since you were on TV. They shared [that you would be on the cast], people went crazy. People were thrilled to see you back on TV. James, this has been a wonderful journey. People love you and appreciate what you bring to the show. Both of you have had such positive reactions from the fans, I would say. What message would you leave for the fans if you could?

Tasha: I think you are right. It was a honor to be asked. I haven’t played in a while and I’m older. I wanted to represent the 40+ people. I love competition. Reality TV is what I love. It was great to see my name still being used and to be able then to come back to my authentic self and be real and enjoy every day. The fans have shown me so much love. So I hope that I did not disappoint. I promise them that if they see me again, it will be just as good as my first time. SurvivorPromise, I’ll make it to the end. Promise.

James: James, it’s…you shouldn’t underestimate the underdog. In the episode, I repeated it. People who watched the episode, regardless of their doubts, will see that it is possible to dig deeply and find the things in your life that have helped you overcome them. This gives you the strength you need to tackle life’s challenges head-on. People who saw my story on the show and felt connected can see a glimmer in their future. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. It’s all about believing it, and finding that inner strength. Never underestimate the strength of the underdog. You can always find a way out, no matter what the situation.