Tasha, Love Island’s Tasha is torn between Andrew & Luca when she shares a smooch and star


Love Island’s Tasha Ghouri is eyeing up two men in the villa – Andrew Le Page and Luca Bish.

Tasha, speaking in the Beach Hut confessed her interest in Andrew but acknowledged that Luca was her true love. “sweet”It looks like Luca’s eyes are on her, too.

Luca could not contain his excitement as he spoke in the Beach Hut to Tasha. “I got a really good vibe off her. I think there could be something there.”

Tasha was astonished to hear that Tasha shared a bed with Andrew. “I woke up and he was awake as well.

“He had a little smile and then he put his arm around me and we started cuddling.

“It felt so nice. I was like a Cheshire cat, I needed to stop grinning!”

But Tasha and Andrew’s bedroom antics haven’t gone unnoticed by Luca.

Tasha asked him to ask her questions while he was talking in the garden. “Did you have a nice spoon last night, did you?”

Tasha jokes: “I knew you were going to say that!”

Luca says: “I’m not jealous, I’m not!”

Tasha said: “You don’t wish it was you?”

Tasha isn’t the only one who has to make a huge decision…

Davide said this in the Beach Hut “In the next 24 hours I’m going to get to know better all the girls. Naturally, it’s a big decision.”

Davide has been busy securing girls for chats since his arrival at the villa last evening.

Davide told blonde babe Paige: “I fall in love for the personality and if you have a good heart. You are a beautiful girl – you’re a good looking girl.”

Love Island fans all over the country watched the premiere episode of the new series last night.

Laura Whitmore, who welcomed the singletons on the island for their first time, revealed the big series twist which saw the couples selected by the public.

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Davide’s big decision looms
Davide’s big decision looms

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