Tattoos of demons may lead to people being possessed. Exorcist claims can also be made.


The US’s top exorcist has attacked people who have had tattoos of images of devil to their bodies. “incredibly stupid”, amid Halloween weekend.

Monsignor Stephen Rossetti is a qualified psychiatrist and has been appointed diocesan exorcist since more than 12 years.

He shared stories of his experiences. “possessed”With this, victims wake up “huge claw marks”On their backs, and also claimed that exorcists can be taunted by demons sending them text messages.

Now, in a book titled, ‘Diary of an American Exorcist – Demons, Possession, and the Modern-Day Battle Against Ancient Evil’, published this year, he has detailed some of his day-to-day experiences.

Silver Screen Beat interviewed Stephen about his stories and asked him for details on a case where a young man claimed he was possessed by the demon tattooed on one of his arms.

Monsignor Stephen Rossetti
Since more than 12 years, Monsignor Stephen Rossetti is a diocesan exorcist.

Responding: “I’ve had more than one. They come to us.”

Silver Screen Beat was shown by Stephen an image showing the tattoo in question. He said: “That’s Aka Manah, it’s a demon.

“And he and his little cult friends were all into this cult of Aka Manah, and had a lot of occult knowledge about people they were attacking, including one of my clients. And it was very evil.”

Aka Manah is a Zoroastrian mythological demon that is thought to be the embodiment of sensual desire.

An Aka Manah tattoo
A tattoo depicting the Akamanah “demon”.

Many people see the demon as a ram’s skull with horns. Some consider him to be the true child of Satan and view him as one of the most vicious evil spirits ever created.

Stephen compared the case to one in which a client was allegedly branded with an upside-down cross.

“Essentially, Satan is claiming this person by this upside down cross,”Stephen continued.

“What the people do when they put demons on their arm, they’re basically saying, ‘I’m a cow’, in terms of this guy is a pastor, ‘I basically belong to this demon’.

“So it’s incredibly stupid. You’re basically saying ‘I belong to the dark world and to these demons’.”

Like any other possessed person, the monsignor acknowledged that there were different ways to treat a case arising out of a tattoo. He pointed to his app from his diocese. ‘Catholic Exorcism’.

An exorcist
The exorcist warned people against engaging in occult activities of their own.

He said: “On our app you’ll see a prayer to decommission tattoos, so we’ll use that prayer, which has a powerful effect, and then of course we have to go through all the exorcism rituals.

“But once you have bonded yourself to Satan, this is going to be a fight. Don’t think that I’m just going to wave my hands and it’s going to be over. We’ve spent months with people like this.”

Stephen suggested that Stephen clarify how long an exorcism tends to last for an afflicted person. “A case of full possession, we’re talking six months or two years typically.”

Stephen also warned against witchcraft and ouija boards during this spooky season.

“We can’t keep up with the new cases, all the exorcists I know say the same thing, they can’t keep up with the people coming at them,” he added.

“Every day I get these desperate emails, same old story, ‘we were practising witchcraft, my parents were into the occult, and now we have all these problems’.

“We just can’t pray for that many people, we don’t have the time.”

Stephen Rossetti’s book, ‘Diary of an American Exorcist – Demons, Possession, and the Modern-Day Battle Against Ancient Evil’, is available to purchase now.

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