Tax Refund Delayed Possible for Tax Returns Filled by Paper Forms


If you’re like most Americans you receive a tax return from the IRS each year. Around 75% of Americans receive a refund check from the IRS every year. According to the IRS, tax refunds may be delayed this year.

They are available at Annual Report to Congress?, National Taxpayer AdvocateThe IRS experienced problems last year processing tax returns. The report warned that this year’s tax season could also be plagued by delays in processing refunds and processing returns.

“2021 was surely the most challenging year taxpayers and tax professionals have ever experienced,”In the report Erin M. Collins, National Taxpayer Advocate, wrote. “The IRS is in crisis and needs to apply resources to its core mission – processing these returns and paying the corresponding refunds.”

The IRS had 6.2million unprocessed individual tax returns as well as 2.8 million unprocessed company tax returns at mid-December. These figures don’t include nearly 3 million amended returns, for individuals or corporations. A report stated that there were nearly 5,000,000 pieces of correspondence from taxpayers to be reviewed.

The IRS tax backlog began in March 2020, when the IRS offices were closed due to safety and health concerns. Many of the backlog tax returns are due to those who have filed their 2020 tax return on paper, according to IRS. According to CBS NewsPaper returns were stored in storage trailers until the IRS employees could return to work to retrieve them.

Although paper forms account for the majority of the backlog of tax returns, many taxpayers still await resolution of their electronic tax returns filed in 2020. These delays are due to changes in the rules surrounding the Earned Income Tax Credit (ETC) and the new Child Tax Credit (CTC).

The pandemic is not the only reason tax returns are delayed. Between 2010 and 2021, the IRS budget was cut by 20%. In the end, 33,000 full time employees were lost at IRS. The IRS has lost more employees since the COVID pandemic. These staffing shortfalls are listed as number 2 of 10. “most serious problems”The report.

How to Get my Tax Refund On Time in 2022

To avoid delay in your tax refund, the IRS encourages Americans to submit their 2021 tax returns online as soon possible. According to the IRS frequently asked QuestionsIf your tax return has not been amended or is accurate, your refund should be processed within 21 days. 

The recent economic stimulus package was passed ChangesTo the Earned Income Tax Credit, and Additional Child Tax Credit that allow taxpayers claim credits based upon 2019 income levels rather than 2020. The IRS states that your tax refund may take up to 21 days if you are taking advantage of the stimulus package provisions.

What do you need to file your taxes?

Start gathering information as soon as possible to avoid delays in receiving your tax refund or tax return. Many employers allow online retrieval for tax-related information. For help in determining what information you need, refer to your previous tax return. 

The most popular forms taxpayers will need are:

  • W-2s Forms employers

  • 1099 Forms for self-employed contractors or independent contractors

  • 1099-G Form for those who received unemployment benefits in 2021. (Sent by the unemployment department).

  • For the child tax credit, complete Form 6419. (Sent by the IRS).

  • For those who received a stimulus check for 2021 (sent from the IRS), complete Form 6475

  • 1098 Forms from schools and banks if you have paid interest on a school or mortgage

Online Tax Filing 

The IRS Free File ProgramThursday, January 14 opened If you have $73,000 or less, you can file your 2021 tax returns online.Adjusted Gross Income). If you answer simple questions, the guided prep does all of the computations. 

TurboTax Software for Tax

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