Tayler Openly Shares the Ups and Downs of Her Relationship with Chance (Exclusive).


Tayler George may be delighted to have Chance with him now that he has been released, but there is more. “roller coaster”Ride ahead for the two of you Lockup and Love. Taylor talked to PopCulture.com before Friday’s premiere episode of the WE tv series about navigating the show. “ups and downs”Her relationship with Chance and how he adjusted to living outside after eight years. 

Tayler said, “Waiting for Chance to release.” “the nerves were crazy,”But she was so happy to finally be able. “move on with our lives and be a physical couple.”Moving from a relationship behind bars to one on an outside is difficult, but it’s possible, especially with Chance and Tayler’s twin, Bobbie George. It was not easy. Although the tension between the three-year-old mom was not unexpected, it did impact her. 

“I was definitely concerned about the way Bobbie and Chance were going to get along,”PopCulture heard from her. “They’re both very blunt…so I was nervous that they were going to bump heads.”She kept going, even as she tried to continue. “see positivity in everything,”It was not a good spot to be in the company of her sister and boyfriend. “It definitely felt like I was getting pulled in two different directions – or three because of my kids,”Jokingly, she joked that she “pretty much tried to hold on for the ride.”

There are many things to do on this ride. “There definitely is going to be a lot of ups and downs,”She teased about the rest of season. “We’re gonna have some good moments and we’re gonna have some difficult ones. …There’s definitely gonna be parts [of the season] that are gonna make me feel uncomfortable.”

She said, “Most of the things that I thought were going to be a problem were.”Tayler’s insecure feelings was one of the problems. Reality TV host said that it felt like you were feeling unsecure. “constantly working on”In a relationship that they are present. Tayler acknowledged that although she feels viewers are seeing more of her in the series, they don’t get to see the real her. “more considerate”Before commenting “making people out to be horrible people.” Lockup and LoveFridays at 9 PM ET ET on WETV.