Taylor Hawkins had a heartwarming encounter with a young drummer just days before his death


Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters drummer, had died on Friday. A magical interaction with a young fanParaguay. Emma Sofia, nine years old, set up her drums in front of the band’s hotel and began to play on Tuesday. Crowds cheered and she probably felt amazing enough, but this was quickly elevated when Hawkins showed up.

CNNSofia started drumming at the age of two and was inspired to start playing by her Foo Fighters-loving uncle. Although the family had tickets to see the band at the Asuncionico Festival, Paraguay in July, it was cancelled by severe weather. The family decided to take the show, and they headed to the hotel after it was cancelled.

CNN reports that she created and She played her drums for about 30 minutesWith her father Julio Peralta, explaining how she fell in love with the band and cheering on her along with the rest of the crowd. After hearing the noise, Hawkins appeared and walked down to the drumming area to apologize for the cancellation.

“She said that day was about to be the worst day of her life and suddenly turned into the best day of her life,”CNN spoke with her father. Hawkins arrived and the crowd lifted the girl up, allowing her to pass the barrier and meet Hawkins.

The drummer shared some moments with the young fan, took photos, and then headed back up. Although the moment will live on forever as something Sofia remembers, Hawkins has changed it into something more.

According to Colombian authorities, the official cause of death was a drug overdose. The cause of the drummer’s death remains a mystery. Sofia and her family paid tributes to the drummer’s passing In an Instagram post.

“We will remember him for his charisma and the beautiful gesture he had with Emma. Taylor gave us something to believe in. He was, is and always will be an inspiration,”It reads: Hawkins was fifty years old.