Taylor Swift’s Short Film Cast Dylan O’Brien & Sadie Sink


Taylor SwiftOnly two people were in her mind to star in the movie All Too WellShort film: Dylan O’BrienAnd Sadie Sink.

The project will include the following: Teen Wolf alum and the Stranger Things The actress plays troubled love interests. Taylor also appears herself and directed the angst-filled short, which includes a new, 10-minute version of the track of the same name that appears on her re-recorded version of her 2012 album Red, which was released Friday, Nov. 12, amid a battle over control of the pop star’s music.

“I got their numbers and sent them text messages and I had already created an entire treatment and script and like, visual kind of references of what I wanted to do,”Taylor spoke to E!’s Daily PopAbout casting Dylan and Sadie. “I wanted to have everything ready, like, this is my DP, this is who we are using for set design, this is who we are using for editing, this is who we are using for, this is the producer. I wanted them to know all of the information so they could make a choice and sent them the song.”

I spoke at the premiere All Too WellTaylor continued in New York Friday “They had the song before anyone else had the song and when they said yes, I was so elated because I didn’t have backups in mind.”


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