Teacher faces jail for having sex in a cellar with a pupil. Teen claims that he forced herself on her.


A teacher is facing prison for having sex in the cellar with a teenage boy. However, she claims that the student forced herself on her.

After being convicted of sex offences against her former student, aged 15, Alyssa Tungul may face four to five years in prison.

The court heard that the relationship between Edmonton’s music teacher and the boy started while he was still her pupil. It continued even after he graduated.

Tungul admitted to having sex with the teen in his cousin’s basement.

However, the 31 year-old says he forced herself on her, while teen claims it was consensual.

Alyssa Tungul could face between four and five years after she was convicted of sex crimes against her 15-year-old former student
Alyssa Tungul, a former student of hers at 15, could be facing between four and five year sentences for sex offences against her.

The boy also claimed that she performed oral sexual acts on him in her vehicle.

Tungul was convicted in July of sexual assault, and sexual interference.

On Friday, November 12, Crown Prosecutor Damon Macleod stated that he had asked for the sexual assault charge to be stayed at a sentencing hearing.

He also stated that the prosecutor used her authority and trust to sendencing for sexual interference.

“This is a temperate sentence,”Macleod agreed. “It is not so long that it would make rehabilitation and reintegration into the community impossible.

“Ms Tungul regrets being convicted. That is it.”

Reading a witness impact statement to the court, the teenager’s mother claimed her son lost his interest in music after the relationship.

According to CTV News, the mother told the court: “My son was a victim, and a survivor. And, he will thrive regardless of your actions.”

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Susan Bercov confirmed the now-former teacher would be sentenced in December.

Tungul’s defence lawyer Brian Vale is asking for a sentence of between 15 and 24 months to be served in the community, noting Tungul’s “otherwise blameless life.”

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He told the court: “She did commit a serious offence against a youth. But that was out of character for her.

“This was a situational offence… there is no evidence to suggest this is a pattern.”

The Judge said the relationship was “Unappropriate” and “Unsafe”, and then added: “It is possible, even likely that this was developing or developed into an improper sexual relationship.”

Tungul had pleaded guilty to the charges of sexual assault, and unlawful touching of an under-16-year-old.

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