Teacher takes daughter’s phone from her for a week, and then she makes it her own. Mum fuming


An online sensation has been created by a mum who claims her daughter’s teacher took her phone and broke it for her. She also claimed that she tried to use the device with her Apple ID.

Teachers have the right to discipline students in school if they behave inappropriately.

They might also confiscate any items that cause problems, such as mobile phones.

They must usually return them at the end, before the pupils head home.

However, one parent claimed that her child’s teacher took her cell phone and didn’t return it for the entire week.

Even worse, when the phone was returned, the mom claimed that the screen had become cracked and that the teacher had used the device.

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Turning RedditThe woman explained everything: “My spouse and I have a child that we’ll call Hannah (15f). Last week I picked Hannah up and she said that one of her teachers, we’ll call her Ms. K, took her phone for looking at it during class. I told her she needed to keep her phone in her pocket during class, then Hannah tells that Ms. K still hasn’t returned it.

“Hannah kept telling me day after day that she had asked for the phone back. Ms. K refused. I sent her an email on Thursday asking when she would receive the phone back. I also mentioned that I would love it for when she goes to work this weekend. No response.

“A whole week of this passes. Today, Hannah gets in my car and tells me she asked and Ms. K didn’t even answer. She just ignored her. I lost my patience and went into the school. I found Ms. K standing outside her classroom and told her it was time she give me the phone back.”

She says that Hannah was told by her teacher to put down her phone during class. The parent also agrees.

Things got heated however.

“I made a scene, students and teachers alike were staring, but she relented and said she would get the phone out of her office and came back with it about three minutes later,”She continues.

“I feel like an idiot for not checking the phone when she handed it to me. I didn’t give Hannah back her phone from my purse until she was done with her assignments for today and a couple minutes after she comes back to me in a panic. Two things were wrong. One, the screen was cracked and it wasn’t before. Two, she had to re-log into her apple ID which we thought was odd. She then looked at her account settings and saw a second apple ID, with Ms. K’s full name and avatar.

“Because we don’t recognize certain contacts on the phone, we think she might have merged the data. It was gone, so I gave Hannah the option to not use the phone. Hannah replied that I was worried about Ms. K having access to my data. I sent an email to Hannah asking for clarification. I have not received a response.”

The mum adds that she’s now considering reporting the teacher to a school administrator and making her pay for the screen repair.

However, her husband it will cause more problems for their daughter – and it’s possible the teacher mistook the phone for her own.

More than 700 people replied to the post, sharing their thoughts on the situation.

One person said: “REPORT THIS. The teacher kept the phone on silent for one week. The teacher damaged it and had the AUDACITY to log their own thoughts in it. They refused to give it to me at first.”

Another responded: “After one week, the teacher would also have to charge it. This was not an accident.”

A third added: “I have taught in many districts. I took all personal belongings, including phones, to the office immediately. The teacher probably didn’t follow school/district regulations by keeping the phone.

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