Teen Lifeguard at YMCA Colorado Pool Helps Deliver Baby


Delivering a baby in water is not a new concept. But they are usually well-planned events with experienced birthing help.

Meet Natalie Lucas (18 years old), a lifeguard at a YMCA in northern Colorado. Although the teen didn’t have any experience in birthing babies, she is now a pro.

One of the swimmers went into labor while she was watching over them on a Sunday morning in late August.

This baby was desperate to go.

“I’ve always seen childbirth in movies and the TV shows, but never the real thing. It was definitely eye-opening,”Lucas said “Today,

“It’s something new and amazing that’s happening to this family. That’s wonderful — but also crazy.”

Tessa Rider and Matthew Jones had come to the pool so Rider, nine-months pregnant, could get some relief from intense pain in her hip caused by the baby’s position. Floating in water eased her discomfort, and she eased herself into the YMCA pool, holding onto a pool noodle and began bobbing along.

And then she experienced a completely different kind of intense pain and pulled herself out of the pool.

“She looks at me and says, ‘We need to go,’” Jones said. “Tessa has barely made it out of the pool, she’s like two, three steps from the rail. She’s on all fours and she’s visibly in pain and also in the middle of the contraction.”

The lifeguard went to see if the heavily pregnant woman was OK.

“I walk on over to them and they say, ‘We’re having the baby.’”

Lucas had no idea how to help, but she ran to get towels and told someone to call 911.

“Within seconds the baby’s heading is coming out,” Jones said. “The baby’s body comes out, along with a torrent of amniotic fluid.”

Lucas stated that she did not do anything but follow her mother’s instructions, which was to support her as she pushes.

“There’s a funny picture of me sitting back-to-back with her so she could put her weight on me to support her and give her some relaxation and calm,” Lucas said. “I was trying to help in any way I can.”

Toby was healthy and happy when he arrived. Paramedics arrived to cut the umbilical chord. Everyone was fine.

“There is nothing more personal and more heartwarming than someone supporting you while you bring a new person into the world,”Jones stated.



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