‘Teen Mom’ Exes to Undergo Drug Testing Amid Custody Dispute


Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood and her ex, Andrew Glennon, have been ordered to both undergo drug testing as part of their ongoing custody battle over 3-year-old son James following their 2019 split. Glennon previously requested Portwood undergo a hair follicle test in October 2021 after claiming she was acting similarly to when she allegedly was using methamphetamine, reports Silver Screen Beat.

During a Jan. 31 attorney conference, and a judge ordered both parties to undergo a “10-panel urine drug screen.” The final hearing in their case is scheduled for March 2 and 3. Glennon originally claimed in court papers that Portwood had displayed “paranoid” behavior during a custody exchange, alleging that the MTV star has a “history of substance abuse, even while pregnant with and subsequently caring for the minor child herein.”

Glennon claimed that during a childcare exchange in October, Portwood was “acting erratically, speaking frantically, and appeared completely paranoid and disheveled,” saying she was afraid that two vehicles nearby were “staking her out.” Glennon claimed he has “witnessed Amber under the influence of illegal drugs previously, specifically methamphetamine,” and thought her behavior was in line with those experiences. 

Days later, Portwood responded to the filing, denying all of his drug use allegations. The reality personality said in court filings that she had parented James “without any incidents regarding any type of substance abuse,” and that because she is still on probation from her 2019 domestic violence arrest following an incident with Glennon, is required to submit to random monthly drug screens.

 The mother-of-two said she has “never failed a drug screen” during this probationary period, and “adamantly” denied the allegations Glennon made. Additionally, Portwood claimed that Glennon’s filing was “nothing more than yet another attempt to paint [her] in a negative light,” and that she had not used any substance “except for prescription medication taken within the therapeutic limits.”

Portwood then requested the drug testing motion be denied by the judge or that both parties be required to submit to the hair follicle drug screen, which is what the judge ultimately went with. Portwood and Glennon have been going back and forth in court since 2019, when the Teen Mom star was arrested for allegedly attacking Glennon while he was holding their son in his arms.