Teen Reunites with the ‘Gravesend Crew’, who Saved him from being Pinned Under an SUV


Brooklyn teenager saved by quick-thinking crew members and actors who helped him get out of a car accident. He was reunited with his heroes.  

Nam Phuong was 14 years old and was walking his dog when an SUV crashed into a car. The teenager ran over the SUV. As his mother frantically attempted to rescue him, Phuong was pinned beneath his dog. 

“I turned around and I just saw the car coming at me,”Inside Edition: Phuong “Then I blacked out and I woke up with the car still dragging me.” 

Police spoke to the 80-year old woman who was driving the car at the time of the accident and said she lost control. She was not charged. 

Actors and crew members are filming scenes in the Amazon Prime drama just a block away “Gravesend”The crash was heard and I ran to investigate.  

“We went from doing a scene in a movie to being part of what was just like a movie,”Star William DeMeo stated.  

The teen was saved by him and his friends. Phuong was in critical but stable condition after the rescuers lifted his car. 

Even though his legs and arms were badly damaged, Phuong made great strides seven months later. After being discharged from the hospital, Phuong made it a point to return to the accident site to express gratitude to those who saved his life.  

“What he went thru was devastating, to see what we seen was very scary … the most important thing is that you are alright,”DeMeo stated.  

Phuong, Phuong’s father, and his sister were able meet on-set, where a Fourth of Jul street party scene was being shot. 

Bo Dietl is a retired New York City detective, and is currently in the “Gravesend” cast, told Inside Edition he’s so proud of his fellow actors who rushed to save Phuong.  

“We are very honored for you to come here,”He said this when Phuong visited with the cast. “That is what America is all about; it’s helping people.”