Teen war hero killed by sniper, has room raided burglars


Thieves raided the bedroom of a teenage war veteran who was shot by a sniper and died as a result.

Jason Burt, a Falklands soldier killed at age 17, has hidden his bedroom from burglars who have been branded “total scumbags”.

Reports say that Jason was just a teenager when he was shot by a sniper on Mount Longdon in the first war, which began in April 1982. Daily Mirror

The crime was committed just days before the 40th anniversary the Falklands War began. Robbers broke into Jason’s home in north London and took valuable items.

Terry Burt, Jason’s mum, stated that she kept her son’s room exactly as he did before he went into war over four decades ago.

Jason Burt’s mum was robbed of her home by thieves

The thieves stole valuable items from the room, ransacking it and throwing clothes on the ground.

Mum Terry, 86, told The Mirror: “How could people do such a terrible thing?

“My son died fighting for his country. These scumbags walked into my room.

“It was particularly upsetting as it was so close to the anniversary.”

The Burt family is devastated after the robbery

Jason’s brother Jarvis, who is absolutely outraged, claims that the criminals have violated the memory of his brother Jason and his mum’s home.

The Falklands War was a ten week undeclared war that occurred between Argentina in 1982 and the United Kingdom.

Jason, from 3 Para was killed storming an opponent position two days prior to Argentina’s surrender.

Jarvis’s car and jewellery were among the items that were taken.

More than 255 British soldiers died in the conflict.

After nearly 30,000 soldiers, sailors, and air crew from the UK were sent 8,000 miles across the South Atlantic to reclaim their islands following invasions, the war’s 40th anniversary is celebrated.

Although the hard-fought victory would transform the country, more than 257 British servicemen died during a conflict that lasted just 7 days.

The BBC and Channel 4 both made documentaries in commemoration of the anniversary.

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